If approve by the Mason City Council, a proposed ordinance would increase sanitation rates from $11.10 a month to $11.65.

On July 1, residents of Mason City will open up their utilities bill and see increases in their water, sewer, storm sewer and sanitation rates. 

That's after the Mason City Council approved an ordinance on first reading at Tuesday night's meeting. 

The additional money, which is already included in the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 budget, from the water, sewer and storm rates will be used to help fund capital projects while the additional sanitation money will be devoted to future vehicle replacements.

Here's a break down of what those specific increases will look like for residents.


Rates will go from $11.10 a month for each single-family dwelling to $11.65 a month.

That charge is for collection of one bag and one collection of recyclables or yard waste per week.

A $1.20 sticker would be attached to each additional bag.


Starting July 1, the flat administrative charge will shift from $4.89 to $5.01.

That's in addition to the per 100 cubic feet change from $2.372 to $2.432 and meter size rate changes ranging from $10.05 a month (up from $9.80) for a five-eighths-inch meter to $1,146.02 a month (up from $1,117.63) for a 12-inch meter.

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(Those monthly minimum charges include the $5.01 administrative charge.)

Storm sewer

All three storm sewer classifications will each a rise of one dollar.

The monthly residential rate will go up from $1.75 to $2.75.

The commercial change will be from $5.75 to $6.75.

And industrial rates will bump up to $11.75.


With approval of the proposed rate increases, residents will see administrative charges on their meters going from $6.07 to $6.28.

For the first 1,000 cubic feet, the new net rate will be $4.035 (per 100 cubic feet). For the next 2,000 cubic feet, the new net rate will be $3.43. And for anything over 3,000 cubic feet the new net rate will be $2.32.

Similar to the sewer increases, minimum water rates will shift depending on the size of the meter.

The minimum per month cost for a five-eighths-inch meter will go from $15.70 to $16.33. 

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