Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" to elementary students Wednesday at Forest City and West Hancock and encouraged them to read on their own. 

"I want to challenge each of you to read one book a day over Christmas break," he said. "Do you think you can do that?"

"YES!" the children replied. 

"I will try to read every day, too," Gregg said. 

He also told the kids he wanted them to thank their teachers. 

"They do an outstanding job," Gregg said.

After reading to the children at each school, Gregg answered questions. 

"What do you do for your job?" asked a child at Forest City Elementary. 

Gregg said he and Gov. Kim Reynolds work together every day and their job is to rule the state.

This includes making decisions on how to spend money and what's fair for everyone, he said. 

One little girl who raised her hand didn't have a question. 

"I hope you have a good Christmas," she said. 

"I hope you have a good Christmas, too," Gregg replied. 

West Hancock students' questions included  “Do you know my dad?,” “What’s your favorite animal?” “What’s your favorite food?,” “Do you have any kids?,” “Where do you work?” and “What’s your favorite NFL football team?”

He responded to the latter question with “Chicago Bears,” which garnered some boos that turned into cheers when he said his wife and daughter cheer for the Minnesota Vikings.

After Gregg read to the first-graders at West Hancock and took a group picture, he joined the students in singing “Happy Birthday” to School Board President Ryan Johnson, who attended Central College and played football with Gregg. Johnson has sons in first and third grade.

Reynolds and Gregg travel to each of Iowa's 99 counties at least once during the year. 

On their last round of visits before Christmas, they are spending some time going to schools to read some holiday classics and "encourage kids to stay focused the last few days (before winter break)," Gregg told the Summit-Tribune. 

"The kids seemed to have fun with it, and I did too," he said. 

Gregg said it's also fun "to see the teachers' faces when we say we are going to open it up to questions." 

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