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CLEAR LAKE — Clarence Wilde just wasn’t satisfied with the polished look of his black 1932 Ford Coupe.

He walked around his car several times with the eye of a jeweler, making sure everything was pristine.

Wilde was one of dozens of meticulous motorists showing off their vehicles at the C.L.A.S.S. 28th annual car show Saturday at Clear Lake.

The weekend began with a car cruise Friday night. On Saturday, it was show time.

Wilde, a florist from Eagle Grove, said he has been interested in cars ever since he was in high school. “That was in the mid-1950s and we had a car club in school, and I was hooked,” he said.

He travels all over to car shows and appreciates the interest people have in his car. “But it’s not for sale,” he said. “I had a 1934 Ford sedan and I sold that. This one I’m keeping,” he said.

An observer asked if it was for sale, what would the asking price be?

“I wouldn’t sell it for less than $65,000,” said Wilde. “The way the economy is, I probably couldn’t get that much for it — but I wouldn’t sell it for less.”

Wilde said he knows people who buy old cars, fix them up, sell them and make a lot of money.

“That’s not for me,” he said. “This is my hobby, an expensive hobby.”

Wilde drives his car to all the shows. “Half the fun is coming and going. One of the benefits of doing the car shows is you meet a lot of people you wouldn’t ordinarily meet, he said.

The overnight rain Friday and Saturday had a lot of participants spiffing up the vehicles late Saturday morning.

One unfortunate man with a convertible left his top down. Someone distributing orange flyers left one on the seat of his car. When the rains came, orange ink bled onto his seat covers.

The weekend festivities concluded with a performance by Denny and the DC Drifters in City Park Saturday night.


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