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OSAGE | Osage City Council members again considered an amendment to ordinances related to garbage collection at a meeting Monday, June 4. 

A question was posed by Red Can owner Ryan Kittleson at the May 21 council meeting as to whether home-based businesses counted as commercial, giving them the ability to choose who would collect their solid waste.

The new amendment addresses the question, stating dumpsters may not be used for household waste or for an unreasonable length of time and commercial does not include home-based businesses.

The reason given was due to how difficult it would be to ensure home waste was not going into a dumpster issued for a commercial business. In addition, it would be difficult to determine the amount of waste that would need to be generated by a home-based business in order for it to constitute needing a dumpster.

“If a home-based business needs a dumpster, they need to be in a commercial area,” said Public Works Director Jerry Dunlay.

He added while dumpsters may be issued to a residential home for the purpose of remodeling, home renovations or decluttering, dumpsters may not remain for an extended length of time and are designated to be used for the purpose of the project.

Meaning, even if having a dumpster for one of these purposes, a residence would still need to place their household waste in stickered bags for collection by the City’s designated and contracted waste collection company, Holt Services.

A motion was made to adapt the new amendments to the ordinance and to wave further readings, putting the amendments in effect immediately. It was approved unanimously by the council.

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