An Osage High School student has been charged with felony threat of terrorism after allegedly making a threat of violence involving a firearm against the school.

Staff at the school learned about the threat Monday and reported it to law enforcement, according to a press release from the Osage Police Department. 

"Based upon the investigation thus far, the alleged threat was made at the school," the release stated. "There is no immediate safety concern to the school or public."

The likelihood exists that the student will be suspended, according to the police. 

The student was taken into custody and placed in a secure juvenile detention center. Authorities say a detention hearing will be held at a later date at the Mitchell County Courthouse, and until then the student will continue to be held in juvenile detention.

While charges have been filed, the investigation is ongoing by the Osage Police Department and Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office with the cooperation of the Osage Community School District and Mitchell County Attorney’s Office.

This is the third time in the past year that juveniles have been charged with making threats involving firearms against the Osage Community School District. 

In December 2018 an Osage High School student was charged with felony threat of terrorism. Authorities said the threat was made on social media.

In October 2018 felony charges were filed against two eighth-graders for planning to shoot four students and one teacher at Osage Middle School. 

Court records in Iowa for those under age 18 are confidential by law, unless a juvenile is charged with a forcible felony such as murder or robbery, or charged in adult court. 

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