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Wednesday’s total: $4,952

To-date total: $29,316

To reach goal: $95,684

Larry and Barb Pierson, $25

Richard and Margaret Fisher, in memory of our parents, $25

Kirby and Joyce Schmidt, $50

Mark and Brenda Rasmuson – Merry Christmas, $50

Gary and Loretta Satern, in memory of Kay, Steve, Paul, Evelyn, Wilma and Maynard, $50

Harold and Beverly Platts, $100

Anonymous, $20

Sandy Klaudt, in honor of Cameron, Chelsey and Macey, $15

Ruth Norris, in loving memory of my husband Chuck, $100

Ruth Norris, in honor of my family and extended family, $100

William and Patricia Doble, $50

Mary Jane McWilliams, $100

Jerry and Phyllis Cooling, $25

Joseph and Darlene Behr, $100

William and Leslie Burdick, $50

Karen Knudtson, in memory of my parents Virge and Pat Clabaugh, $20

The Hobo, $100

Donald Weiner, for deceased family members, $50

Marilynne Kroeze, in memory of parents Emmett and Luella Olson and grandson Addison Fischer, $25

G'ma Caryll, for Patricia, $10

Lois Nieman, $20

Joyce Hoff – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, $10

Chad and Jennifer Mccambridge, $300

Vivian Greiman, in memory of my husband Wayne Greiman, $25

Nadine Mathre, in memory of Dick Mathre, $300

Dan and Carla Burke, in memory of our Christmas angel Kelli, $25

Joan Tatone, in memory of Carl Tatone and our parents, $50

Duane Graversen and Marlene Peterson, in memory of Tracy Kettwick, $75

Phyllis Lau, for all my loved ones that I am so blessed with – God Bless All, $25

Roger and Janice Fekkers, in memory of our daughter Kimberly, $50

Pauline Bull, in lovely memory of my husband Gale and daughter Beverly, $25

Ben Muff, $50

Kermit and Marlene Sandersfeld – Merry Christmas to all in need, $200

Gerry and Pam Lentz, $50

David Neuberger, in loving memory of my wife Judy Neuberger, $500

Delores Mindrup, $30

Bob, in memory of Marlene Frein and in honor of Joe and Julia Frein family, $50

Shirley, in memory of Dick, $50

C S H, in remembrance of Leo and Anna, $100

Gary and Deborah Howell, $50

Anonymous, in memory of James Albrect, $400

Gordon and Cheryl Rohwedder, in memory of our fathers Leonard Carlson and Richard Rohwedder, $40

Tom and Louise Zrostlik, in memory of DeWeerde/Zrostlik loved ones, $200

Roger and Cheryl Tietjens, $100

Jack and Verna Ouverson, in memory of our parents, $25

Tim and Denise Schupick, in memory of our loved ones, $200

Marlene Mahoney, in memory of my husband Bob Mahoney, $25

Betty Harms, in loving memory of Don, $100

Diane Wilson and David Solberg, $50

Gary and Sharon Lindgren, $100

Kaitlyn, Sarah and Bradley Vaith, in memory of Grandma Marilyn Balek, $50

Janet Moldenhauer, in memory of my husband Clinton, $50

In honor of Ryan, Rylee and Carmen, $100

Kathy and Jerry Stephens, in memory of our parents and in honor of Ruth Dalton, $100

PEO Chapter IY, $112

Steve and Wanda Fistler, $50

Cupola Inn Bed and Breakfast, $100

In memory of John W Freese, $100

Reach Reporter Ashley Stewart at 641-421-0533. Follow her on Twitter at GGastewart.


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