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Cheer Fund donations through Tuesday, Dec. 3
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Cheer Fund donations through Tuesday, Dec. 3

Cheer Fund

This is a good start, but please don't forget about those in need in North Iowa. Give if you can.

TODAY'S TOTAL: $18,660

TO-DATE TOTAL: $18,660

TO REACH GOAL: $106,340

Carol Ades, $25

Maria Mitchell Study Club, $100

Norman Barkema, $1,400

Linda Koopman, $50

Joyce Hanes in memorial of Karen Wilmarth, $25

Cheryl and Steven Schurtz in memory of Karen Wilmarth, $25

Charlene and Claus Folkerds, $100

Ozzie Ohl, $100

Gloria Heinkel, $100

Karen, Susan, Steven and Janet "Remembering Christmas Past," $10

Warren L DeVries family trust, $500

Bob and Judy Johnson in memory of Alden Johnson, $25

Mark and Patricia Repp, $100

John and Maxine Brinkman, $100

Jim and Nancy Fingalsen, $25

Tom and Nancy Abbas in memory of Mary Ann, Ramona and Russell, $100

Chip and Kathy Kinsey, $100

Alan Atwell, $100

Gary and Tracy Kay Peterson, $25

Marilyn Suntken, $20

Anonymous, $25

Chyrl Bergvig, $50

Nicholas and Amber Kmoch, $100

Susan Borcherding in memory of our parents Francis and Ruth DeSart and Harry and Esther Borcherding, $50

John and Marcy Colvin in memory of Theo, $25

Larry and Ellen Niebur, $100

Merna Pinneke in memory of Jim, Mike, Tim and Nick, $50

Doris Boehnke in memory of my parents Sherman and Beatrice Swenson and Grandpa and Grandma Swenson, $20

Rozena VanLent, $100

Bruce and Elaine Oimoen in memory and in honor of our parents, $25

The Family of Dr. Addison Brown, $5,000

Terry and Trudi Hoil, $25

James Brooks, $20

Sam and Deb Hunt, $250

Ed and Rosemary Schoolcraft, $100

Mark and Karen Bull, $25

Margaret Jost in memory of Dean, $50

Lavonne and Bruce Kaasa, $100

Jim and Ann Kuhlman, $100

Karl Zimmerman in memory of my wife Norma, $50

Al and Bonnie Gemaehlich in memory of grandson Alex, $25

Stephen and Elizabeth Gales in memory of Howard Query, $100

Joann Johnson, $20

Edith Case, $20

James Cash, $30

Lois Greenlee in memory of Don, $50

Ronald and Donna Grein, $25

Marilyn Strike for those in need, $325

Robert Fischer, $30

Ronald and Rebecca Lundblad, $50

Myrna Barlas in memory of my Dad and Mom, my brother Tom, sister Angie and brother-in-law John, $25

JA and Dixie Dunagan, $100

Wife Ruth, son Kirk and daughter Sue and family in memory of Jim O'Donnell,  $25

Friends Ruth O'Donnell and Susan Heitland in memory of Dixie Harris, $10

Ronald Laudner Jr., $100

Amanda and James Ragan, $100

Tom and Barbara Hovland Merry Christmas and God Bless!, $200

Michael and Lana Faust Merry Christmas, $500

Joanne Kerr God Bless!, $100

Elvira Kuhlers in memory of loved ones, $25

Robert and Karen Cole, $100

Patricia Wright, $30

Maggie, $100

Jim and Marlene Sivwright, $200

Dennis and Jean Fitzl, $200

Gus and Judith Dimarco, $25

Bill and Joan Otterman, $100

Karen Clabaugh Knudtson in memory of my parents Virg and Pat Clabaugh, $20

Jane Reinsmoen in loving memory of brother Mark Reinsmoen, $50

Roger and Susan Schlitter in honor of our grandchildren, $100

Charles and Sherri Schafer, $100

In memory of the village of Dougherty, $13

Patty and Candace in memory of Bob Hart. We miss you so much, $25

The families of Kermit and Marlene Sandersfeld, Fred and Naomi Goll siblings, George and Emily Mikesh family and Wally and Paula Stittsworth family Thanks be to God, $115

Kirk, Nicki, Cindy, Robin and Paula remembering our Dad Lloyd Findley, $25

Jay Beck in memory of Socrates Pappajohn, $50

Anonymous, $150

Loretta Janssen, $50

Anonymous, $20

George and Janice Guenther, $20

Eugene Dankbar, $100

Arlene Jass, $100

Wayne Rietema in memory of grandchildren Andrew and Ashley McGeary, $100

Bill Friedow in memory of OW and Rubee Friedow and Carol Kline, $25

Barbara Rickard, $25

Ida Floy in loving memory of my husband Duane Floy, our parents Henry and Anna DeWeerdt and John and Pearl Floy, $30

Anonymous, $50

Pat and Robert Peterson, $100

Steve and Pam Smith, $100

Betty McCarthy in memory of Jim McCarthy, $50

Shirley Berry in memory of Bob Berry, $25

Carol Jean and Merlin Iverson, $20

Paul and Kathryn Happel, $100

Richard and Janice Noss, $25

James and Mary Smith, $50

JB Chauncey, $100

Neil and Connie Ackley, $20

Anonymous, $50

Carol Sullivan in loving memory of John Sullivan and Maddie Kruse, $200

Leone Dunkelberg, $50

Jeanne Argos in loving memory of Sam Argos, $20

Patrick and Roxanne Ropella, $100

Janet Moldenhauer in memory of Clinton, $25

Wayne and June Pope in memory of Linda, Sharon, Marcia, Sandy and Amy, $250

Sandra Miner, $20

Friends from Fertile, $50

Bill and Donna, $25

Anonymous, $7

L Gene Gallogly, $30

Georgia Johnson Merry Christmas, $50

Anonymous, $250

Betty Christensen in memory of Curt, $20

Irving and Elizabeth Larson, $25

Douglas and Kayla Halfpap, $25

From family in memory of Greg Hinderman and Dick Olson, $30

Shelley Moore and family in loving memory of Mark Stanton (brother) and Don and Ruth Stanton (parents). I cherish my memories! $150

Marvyl Oakland, $20

Ella Frenz, $10

John Haller, $25

Diana Bendickson Adams Topeka, KS, $100

Shirley and Shannon Harmon in loving memory of Dale and Matt Harmon, $50

Anonymous, $100

Jim and Rita Foley in memory of Tony and Irma Magnani, $50

Jim and Rita Foley in memory of Mel, Jane and Greg, $50

Barb and Willard Krabbe in celebration of our family: Sherry, Dan, Jordan, Jenna and Jamin Manus, Doug, Jane, Kayla, Noah and Spencer Krabbe and Logan and Connor Putz - Merry Christmas, $250

Cortland and Velva Peterson, $25

The Monday Night Game Girls - Syl, Vickie, Kathy, Nancy and Marlene Merry Christmas, $50

Myrna Bernemann, $30

Marilyn Ward, $50

Mardelle and family in memory of Chuck Sorensen, $50

Anonymous, $100

Jay and Valerie Plagge, $50

In memory of Kaitlyn Marie Halloran, $50

John and Angela Duggan, $50

J & L in honor of our grandchildren: A,B,C,D,E,K & C. Love you much., $70

Jeanette Borchardt in memory of loved ones, $25

Anonymous in memory of Art and June (Chaney) Ubben, $25

Denny and Bev Currier Merry Christmas, $25

Terry and Lana Eagen in honor of all first responders, $100

Dennis and Carolyn Thada, $25

Occident Club, $30

Trinity Lutheran Church - Lydia Bible Study, $125

Janice Cooper in honor of Kinsley and Lane and in memory of Great-Grandpa Cooper, $30

Love Mark, Teresa, Chad, Katie, Leila, Austin, Morgan, Hailey, Jason, Megan, Matt and Lauren in loving memory of our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, Lee and Leona Buffington and Marge Curtis, $75

Anonymous, $20

Iona Nuehring Merry Christmas to all, $50

Jo and John Stumo, $25

Kirby and Joyce Schmidt, $50

Joe, Mary and Katy in loving memory of Dad, $50

Anonymous, $50

Ralph and Audrey Wolf in memory of loved ones, $25

Jerry and Phyllis, $25

Robert and Deloris Ruter, $25

Blanche Chizek and family in memory of Formanek and Chizek families, $25

Michael and Susan Brager in memory of our parents, $25

Denny and Vickie Shollenbarger, $25

William and Debra Robinson, $100

Merl and Joyce Schulting in loving memory of Craig and other loved ones, $250

Joyce Konigsmark, $25

Gary and Susan Gerdes, $20

Richard and Carol Jass in memory of loved ones, $25

Shirley Faaborg, $30

James Pearce in memory of Grace Pearce, $25

Carol Finn in memory of loved ones, $35

PEO Sisterhood Chapter IW, $50

Darlene Weitzel in memory of my husband Leroy Weitzel and my parents Richard and Edna Tietz, $30

Gus B, $100

Donald and Joyce Allen, $20

Doering family, $50

Barbara Johnk Merry Christmas, $100

Rodger and Teresa Mock, $100

Wendy Wheeler in memory of my husband Ron Wheeler, $10

Marian Pals, $30

Globe Gazette Reunion, $35

Jane Reynolds in memory of HQ, $50

Angeline Mayer in memory of Keri and Doris, $25

Ronda and Kay, $10

Larry and Gail Langlitz in loving memory of our parents Mell and Josie VerHelst and Ira and Wava Langlitz, $50

Douglas Caffrey, $100

Wallace and Judith Reidel, $25

Donavon Staudt, $100

Debbie Perry in memory of George Perry Sr and other loved ones, $25

Danny and Lynne Lunstrum, $100

Gary and Loretta Satern in memory of Steve and Kay, Paul and Evelyn and Wilma and Maynard, $60

Since the Cheer Fund began in 1927, more than $3 million has been raised to help about 2,700 North Iowa families.

This year’s goal is $125,000.

The Christmas Cheer Fund was established by Globe Gazette Publisher Lee Loomis in 1927 so every child could have a present on Christmas morning. In the years since it has come to mean a little help at Christmastime to people of all ages.

Donations may be dropped off or mailed to the Globe Gazette office, 300 N. Washington Ave., Mason City, IA 50402-0271.

We guarantee that your gift, no matter the size, will help someone in North Iowa have a better, brighter Christmas – just like every Christmas since the Cheer Fund’s founding in 1927.

Reach Reporter Ashley Stewart at 641-421-0533. Follow her on Twitter at GGastewart.


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