Try 3 months for $3

TODAY'S TOTAL: $13,975

TO-DATE TOTAL: $42,051.43

TO REACH GOAL: $82,948.57

Lyle Murl, in memory of my beautiful wife Dixie L. Murl, $50

In loving memory of my parents Robert and Frances Lemon, $50

In memory of our precious puppy Treasure, $50

Marty and Carol Ramaekers, in memory of our parents Eileen Ramaekers, Katie Lashbrook and Gary Grimmond, $250

Rose McCarthy, in memory of Mallory Newton, $300

In memory of Nathan Sills, $20

Mark and Linda Sabin, in memory of Mark's parents Art and Liza Sabin and brother Paul and Linda's parents and sister, $400

Tally, in memory of my grandson Gabe and brother Jim, $50

William and Patricia Doble, $100

Lenore Forbes, in memory of loved ones, $50

John and Mary Amos, $25

Mason and Kelli Harms, in memory of our fathers Larry W. Lovick and Michael J. Harms, $50

Grandma and Grandpa, in memory of Alex, $25

The Class of '61, in memory of Shirley Riekens Davis, $25

Roger Poole, $100

John and Sue, in memory of our parents, deceased family and friends, $100

David and Carol Stadtlander, $100

Robert and Joann Bowers, in loving memory of our parents Everett and Hazel Harrison and Loren and Genevieve Bowers, $50

Jeff Bonner, for those in need, $25

Richard Schinnow, remembering Ann and Vince Mason and Emmett and Velma Schinnow, $100

In memory of Evonka, $25

John and Cheryl Fiorini of Baltimore, Maryland, $50

In memory of Ray and Ruth Pederson, $20

In memory of Tom and Claudia Rye, $20

In memory of Winifred Mills, $20

In memory of Enoch and Odella Norem, $20

In memory of Curtis Rye, $20

In memory of Danny Eatman, $20

Bill and Leslie Burdick, $50

The Payne’s, Merry Christmas - in memory of Gene and Katie Payne and Harlan Kies, $300

Anonymous, in memory of loved ones, $40

Craig Remmen, in memory of loved ones, $100

The Voet family, in memory of my wife Marjorie, $25

Margaret Fisher, in memory of my husband Richard R. Fisher, $25

Myrtle Tapps, Linda Als, Marilyn and Grant Harrod, in memory of Al E. Tapps, Rio Rancho, New Mexico, $40

Anonymous, in memory of loved ones, $250

Bob and Toni Erickson, $100

Arnold and Roberta Kleckner, $25

PEO Chapter IY, $130

Roxie and Larry Espinosa, in loving memory of our parents James and Bertha Duggan and Lawrence and Gladys Espinosa, $25

In memory of John W. Freese, $100

Cupola Inn Bed and Breakfast, $100

Gary and Carol Davis, $20

Clear Lake Lioness Club, $50

The staff of the Northwestern Steakhouse, in memory of Tony and Flora Papouchis, $300

Louise Hinrichsen and grandson Michael, in memory of family and friends who have gone before us, $25

Fred Heinz and Cheryl Ross, $250

In memory of Bob and Jean Casey and Bob Berry, $100

Terry and Mickie Tyrrell, $30

Gary and Deborah, $50

Paul and Lorraine Grimsbo, in memory of niece Darlene Madson, $35

Keith and Joan Sunde, $25

Dola Shannon, in memory of my parents Carsten and Addie Bahnsen and husband Jack Shannon, $25

Jay and Marilyn Richey, $20

Doris Determan, in loving memory of Jack, $100

Les and Bev Trampel, $25

Jeri Dockhorn, in loving memory of Don Dockhorn, $50

Jeri Dockhorn, in loving memory of Larry Stark, $50

Catherine Beck, $100

Mary Everhart, in memory of my parents, brothers, husband and other family and friends, $50

His sons Rylan and Collan, in memory of Alex J. Kuhn, $100

Mark Michaels, $50

Kevin Losee and Carol Burnett, in memory of Richard Losee, $25

The Losee/Burnett family, in memory of our parents Mabel and Lyndon Losee, Edith and Lester Burnett and Anne and Ford Drewry, $30

Stan, in memory of Bess and others, $50

The Hobo, $100

Chuck and Sandy Whitt, $50

Alan and Lucille Samson, $30

Tom and Rhonda True, in memory of Carl and Clara True, Roland Gorkowski and Joan Baker, $50

Grace Lonergan, in loving memory of Ron, Kathy and Steve, $20

John and Caryll Marsh, in memory of our beautiful daughter Erica - We miss her forever smile every day! Love her to the moon and back, $25

Love G'ma Caryll, for Patricia, $10

Nicholas and Amber Kmoch, $100

Connie Rosenberg, in memory of Harper Grace Putz and in honor of Livi, Mady, Leighton and Nolan, $50

Wayne and Rita Blaisdell, $50

Phyllis Hrubetz, in memory of family, $25

Larry and Lucinda Brandau, $25

Mardelle and family, in memory of Chuck Sorensen, $50

Douglas and Kayla Halfpap, $25

Larry and Mary Schnurr, $50

Marian Urbatch, $50

Carol Smestad Anderson, $50

Kathleen Muff, in memory of Ron, $200

Jeffrey Rowe, $1,000

Marie Formanek, in memory of my husband Leon, John, Rose and Bob Jakoubek, $50

Marcia Taylor, in loving memory of my husband Jack Taylor, $50

Marcia Taylor, in loving memory of our parents Roy and Ann Hume and Harold and Ethel Taylor, $50

Donald and Bobbie Benjegerdes, $50

Merry Christmas!!, $10

Lon and Kendra Peterson, $100

Jerry and Judith Miller, $50

Marvin and Lois Crooks, in loving memory of our daughter Tammy, $30

Janice Nierling, $200

Anonymous, $50

Don and Chris, Jack and Lil, $150

Gene and Dorene Jakoubek, in memory of our parents, $25

Doris Boekelman, $25

Bonnie Kuns, in memory of son Rick, $50

STA, in memory of loved ones, $50

In memory of Katelyn Marie Halloran, $50

In memory of Anthony Walsh, $50

Joseph and Linda Thompson, $75

Marge Jerrell, in memory of Philip Jerrell, $50

Dale and June Johnson, $50

Jack and Verna Ouverson, in memory of our parents Albert and Emma Rasmussen and Jim and Harriet Ouverson, $25

Glen and Deb McIntire, $50

Glen's Tire Service Inc., $100

Michael and Susan Brager, $20

Anonymous, $100

Mike and Cheryl Flatness, $25

Anonymous, $250

Richard and Carol Jass, in memory of loved ones, $25

SI, in memory of CI, $10

Jerry and Barb Knoll, in loving memory of our daughter Sara, $150

Gene and Charlene Ostmo, $25

Darlene Weitzel, in memory of my husband Leroy Weitzel and parents Richard and Edna Tietz, $50

Chad and Jennifer McCambridge, $200

Kaitlyn, Sarah and Bradley Vaith, in memory of grandma Marilyn Balek, $50

Ted and Barb Heimer, $35

Her family, for memory of Liz Ann, $50

Margaret Christiansen, to help those in need, $25

In memory of Arthur and Georgia Graf, $50

Therese and Robert Gretillat, in memory of Lisa Marie Gretillat, $10

Therese and Robert Gretillat, in memory of Earl and Angeline Sowder and Robert and Dorothy Gretillat, $10

Therese and Robert Gretillat, in memory of Alta Sturgeon and Sandy Iehl, $10

Michael and Donna Johnson, $50

Dean and LaVonne Blackmer, in memory of loved ones, $25

Randy and Diane, in memory of Jim Albrecht, $400

Michael and Janet Borcherding, $50

Howard Reynolds, Skip and Shirley memory of loved ones, $25

Anonymous, $150

Colleen Weiland, thank you to everyone who gave time and attention for jury service this year, $1,000

Karen and Jonathan Kiss, $50

Merlyn and Barb Assink, $20

Elvira Kuhlers, in memory of loved ones, $25

Vivian Rasmussen, $20

Becky Murray,in memory of her husband Chris Murray, $25

Chad and Jon, in memory of Dad, $25

Calvin and Ella Josten, $20

Roger and Karen Wenzel, $100

Rita Merfeld, $50

Leland Hummel, in memory of Beulah, Hugh and Alice Hummel and Paul and Erma Goll, $100

Tim Ackarman, $50

Russ and Mary Imoehl, in memory of our family, $100

Florence Beek, in memory of my husband Gary Beek, our parents, brothers, my sister and daughter-in-law, $100

David Suntken and Polly Suntken, in memory of loved ones, $50

Kenneth and Bettie Huntley, for loved ones, $50

Richard and Jeanne Dahley, in memory of our parents, $100

Joan Eness, $50

Mary Lou and Louis Hoffman, Larry and Claudette Mix and Nancey Guhl, in loving memory of parents Raymond and Clara Mix, $60

Nancey heartfelt love for husband John Guhl, son Alan Patro and friend Vickie Allen, $25

Gladys Biehl, in memory of husband Dick, $40

Shirley Rasche, in memory of Karl Rasche and Syl and Helen Malek, $20

Barbara Wood-Koenigsfeld, in memory of loved ones, $25

Marilynne Kroeze, in memory of parents Emmett and Luella Olson and grandson Addison Fischer, $25

Don and Doris Weber, $20

Stuart and Julie Oltrogge, in memory of Wally Johnson and Wayne Oltrogge, $100

Dorothy Krogstad, $15

Elna Meyer, in memory of Drew Dorenkamp, $25

Hullinger family in memory of Lyle Hullinger, $30

Anonymous, $1,500

Norma Helin, $25

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