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TO-DATE TOTAL: $23,571.43

TO GOAL: $101,428.57

Cal Dorenkamp in memory of Norma Dorenkamp, $100

Ray and Teresa Rottinghaus, $100

Jim and Rita Foley, in memory of Mel, Jane and Greg Foley, $50

Jim and Rita Foley, in memory of Tony and Irma Magnani, $50

Mike and Shannon Janssen, in memory of our uncle Mark Stanton, $50

Richard and Adorine Voellinger, $50

Chuck Hines, in memory of William and Agatha Hines, $50

Mark and Monica Heard, $25

Joni McGee Gilbert, in memory of parents Alta and Ernest Tjarks, sister Bonnie Bahr and brothers Everett, Ernest Jr, Richard and Gary Tjarks, Josephine Gilbert and friends, $90

Leon and Irene Caspersen, in memory of our parents, $100

Russel and Geraldine Stahl, in memory of our parents, $50

Jim and Norma Ostmo, $25

Jack and Mary Jo Fisher, $100

Robert and Jayne Noble, $25

SM, $20

Ralph and Audrey Wolf, in memory of loved ones, $50

Anonymous, $40

Glenn and Rose Brady, in memory of our parents, $50

Lois Thompto, in memory of Neil and Bob, $30

Eldon and Betty Siemers, $25

Bruce and Diane Trimble, $150

Janice, in memory of Richard, $25

Shirley, in memory of Dick, $50

In memory of Walter and Mary Sable - forever in our hearts, $25

Martha Ryan, $100

Marjorie Lundberg, $25

Russ and Cindy Schubert, $25

Maynard and Barbara Beyer, $25

Marlin and Marjorie Senne, $50

James Arndorfer – have a Merry Christmas, $35

Rebecca and Wayne Kudej, $25

Craig and Nancy Richey, in honor of our parents Francis and Marcella Richey and Glenn and Katie Fuller, $50

In loving memory of my sister Lucile Martin. May she rest in peace, $10

Fondly remembering Kathleen and Bob Shepard, $10

In loving memory of Lee and Gus Neuhaus, $5

Maxine Worsley, in memory of Bill, $100

Ken and Carol Smith, in memory and honor of loved ones - God's blessings on all, $100

Cindy Mennenga, in memory of Philip Jerrell, $25

Jeanne Argos, in loving memory of my husband Sam Argos, $25

Gary Staebler, $20

Anonymous, $50

Craig and Linda Ackarman, in memory of Grant and Reva Anderson and Don and Delores Ackarman, $100

Willie and Marcene Moore, $50

Bob, in memory of Marlene Frein and in honor of the Joe and Julia Frein family, $50

Larry and Gail Langlitz, in loving memory to our folks Mell and Josie VerHelst and Ira and Wava Langlitz, $50

Chuck and Sherri Schafer, $100

North Iowa Cooperative Elevator, $100

David S Bailey, grateful for hometown, $25

Betty Soukup, $100

Nadine Popinga, in memory of Louise Buseman and Carolyn Lansaw, $50

Mr. and Mrs. David DeWitt, in memory of our loving son Bernard DeWitt, $50

Sandy Klaudt, in honor of Cameron, Chelsey and Macey, $15

Scott and Jenee Sprau, $50

Her family, in memory of Helen Meske, $30

Maria Wentworth, in honor of Royal's upcoming 60th birthday, $60

Nancy Gunther, in memory of Lynn (Tex) and Louise Pearson, $100

In memory of St Patrick’s in Dougherty, $13

Merlyn and Julie Tiedemann, $25

Paulette Skillen, $5

Joe and Kris Plank, $250

Thomas and Jacquline Martin, $35

Ward and Leanne, in memory of loved ones, $50

North Iowa Amateur Radio Club, $25

Beverly and Jerry Hodson, $25

Herman Suntken, in memory of loved ones, $100

Patricia Bublitz, in memory of Robert, Darlene and Curtis Bublitz, $30

Gary and Loretta Satern, in memory of Kay and Steve, Paul and Evelyn and Wilma and Maynard, $50

Ralph and Virginia Diercks, $100

Raymond and Lorraine Gordon, God Bless - in memory of loved ones, $25

John and Theresa Sheehy, $50

Carol Finn, in memory of loved ones, $35

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