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Monday's total: $6,361

To-date total: $22,394

To reach goal: $102,606

Dennis and Jean Fitzl, $200

Dan Nack, in memory of Dad, $25

Laurie Nack Bublitz, in memory of loved ones, $25

Donald and Elaine Bergan, in memory of parents and deceased siblings, $20

Delores Marsh, in memory of Gordon Marsh and in honor of my family, $100

John and Kathryn Deets, $25

Ronald and Rebecca Lundblad, $50

Mark and Karen Bull, $25

John and Letha Steinauer, $35

Larry and Mary Schnurr, $100

Shirley Serleth, $50

Anonymous, $50

David and Mary Kisilewski, $100

Brian Nettleton, in memory of Gerald Eugene Nettleton, $100

Richard and Marlys Nelson, $50

Ronald Petersen, in memory of Judy Petersen, my wife, my lover and my best friend, $100

Larry and Donna Cline, in memory of son Steven, $25

Denny and Bev Currier, in memory of our parents, $25

Paul and Marilyn Tjaden, $100

Gordon and Betty Morse, $100

Roger and Marilyn Leerar, in memory of friends and family, $50

Agnes Lewis, in memory of Gert, Cindy and Joe, $50

Tim Ackarman, $50

Louise Piper, in memory of Bruce Piper, $20

Rob and Judy Gross, honoring the lives of our parents Buford and Gladys Gross, GE and Jane Jurgenson and rejoicing in our new grandchild Piper Gross, $100

Her children and grandchildren, in loving memory of Marjorie Groven, $200

Friends from Fertile, $100

Paul and Lisa Smidt, in memory of Chris Hartwig, $50

William Friedow, in memory of O W and Rubee Friedow and Carol Kline, $25

Paul and Lorraine Grimsbo, in memory of our niece Darlene Madson, $35

Bernie Meyer, in memory of Dick Meyer, $25

Cindy Mennenga, in memory of Philip Jerrell, $25

Donavon Staudt, in memory of Rosemary, $100

James and Christine Wallace, $25

In memory of our Sarah Jean, $50

Anonymous, in memory of loved ones, $25

Leslie Pals, $50

Bob and Carol Lee Halford, in memory of Robby Halford, $50

Tim and Barb Moreau, $50

Karen and Jonathan Kiss, $75

Luann and Glen Hepker, in loving memory of our parents Emiel Engels and Ann & George Briggs, $50

Don and Lila Freese, in memory of our parents, $25

Darlene Weitzel, in memory of my husband Leroy Weitzel and my parents Richard and Edna Tietz, $50

Mardelle and family, in loving memory of Chuck Sorensen, $50

Her family, in memory of Charlotte Fulghum, $100

Anonymous, in memory of our parents and Frances, $100

Roger and Debra Tack, $40

Harriet Kuntz, in memory of Tom Wagner, $50

Keith and Jacqueline Reich, $20

Ralph and Virginia Diercks, $100

S W I, in memory of R C I, $10

Margaret Christiansen – Merry Christmas to those in need!, $25

Allan and Janice Kuhlers, $25

Linda and Ted Neese, in memory of June and Art Ubben, $25

Linda Kerns, in memory of M E and Betty Kerns, $41

Devries and Price, $100

Lois Greenlee, in memory of Don Greenlee, $25

Steven and Kelly Schnieders, $100

Dave and Carol Clayton, $1,000

Curt and Nan, $100

Madonna and Dennis Easley, $25

Cal Dorenkamp, in memory of Norma Dorenkamp, $100

J B Chauncey, $100

Donna and Larry Nelson – Merry Christmas, $30

Arlene Mock, $25

Don and Jacque Trca, $35

Jerry and Laura Heitland, $25

Robert and Patricia Peterson, $100

Carol Sullivan, in memory of Maddie Kruse, $100

Barbara Heimer, $25

Mark and Teresa, Chad, Katie, Jason, Matt and Lauren and Leila, Austin, Morgan and Hailey, in loving memory of our Dad, Grandpa and Great-Grandpa Lee Buffington, $25

Mark and Teresa, Chad, Katie, Jason, Matt and Lauren and Leila, Austin, Morgan and Hailey, in loving memory of our Mom, Grandma and Great-Grandma Marge Curtis, $25

Al, in memory of loved ones, $25

Jerry and Bev Hodson, $25

Kenneth and Ruth Benjegerdes, $20

Blanche Chizek and family, in memory of Bill Chizek, $25

Arlene Gerdes, in loving memory of Duane – “Always in my Heart," $25

Gene Gallogly, $30

Sharon Bonjour, in loving memory of my brother Jess Stickney Jr., $10

Sharon, in loving memory of my husband Walt Bonjour - Love and miss you, $15

Wayne and Karen Johns, in memory of Bruce Johns, $50

Richard and Donna Blanchard, in memory of our parents, $100

Rodger and Teresa Mock – Merry Christmas!, $50

Alan and Lucille Samson, $25

Michael and Susan Brager, in memory of our loved ones past and present, $25

Arlene and Neal Keeling – Merry Christmas!, $25

Les and Bev Trampel, $25

Her family, in memory of Helen Meske, $30

Mark and Linda Sabin, in memory of Mark's parents Art and Liza Sabin and brother Paul and Linda's parents and sister, $300

Nancey, in loving memory of husband John Buhl, $25

Mom, sister Joleen and family, loving and missing son and brother Alan Patro, $25

Their children Nancey Guhl, Mary Lou and Louis Hoffman and Larry and Claudette, in memory of our parents Raymond and Clara Mix, $60

Mary Halsted, in loving memory of my husband Doug Halsted, $125

Ida Floy, in loving memory of my husband Duane Floy and our parents John and Pearl Floy and Henry and Anna DeWeerdt, $30

Edward and Erma Zilly, in memory of Ralph Marzen, $25

Jeannette Hegenbarth, in memory of Cathy's dad, $10

Jeannette Hegenbarth, in memory of Gene and Lois Tracy, $20

Ron and Dolly Hanna, $25

Patricia Wright, remembering Alex and Luke, $30

Carol Kennedy, in memory of Bob, $25

Larry Pahus, $20

Bill and Donna, in memory of our parents, $25

Reach Reporter Ashley Stewart at 641-421-0533. Follow her on Twitter at GGastewart.



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