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Metro Investments LLC to MMC Properties LLC, Westside Acres Add Lot 2 Mason City, $1,600,000.

David W Beck, Catherine S Beck to Brian A Broshar, Eastbrooke 3rd Sub Block 2 Lot 12 Mason City, $208,000.

Scott J Pearce, Antonia Corne Jo Rios Pearce to Dani L Dahl, Brice & Ong's Addition Replate of N 277.5' Block 13 W of Center Line of Vacated Alley, Lot 2 Lot 3 Exc S 24' Lot 3 Mason City, $62,500.

Jeremy R Mead, Melissa A Mead to Mark A Stratmann, Debra K Stratmann, Asbury Farm Block 6 Lot 6 Mason City, $254,000.

Daniel J Gehler Executor, Leigh W Powers Estate to Erin A Runde Custodian, Brooke M Runde, Russell's A.S. Sub of Part of Lot 6 & 16 in SW/4 NE/4 10-96-20 Lot 6 Exc N 26.4', $63,500.

Jodie McChesney to RYGCO Commercial LLC, Tuttle's M.&E.A. 2nd Add Block 39 Lot 1 Block 39 Lot 2 Exc Part of Lot 2 Desc on Survey B01 P11546 Clear Lake, $180,000.

Russell J Borchardt, Judith A Borchardt to Paul D Borchardt, Clear Lake Methodist Camp Lot 197 Lot 209 Fulfillment of Contract Rec B03 P249, $30,000.

Gary L Heydt, Linette K Heydt to Gail Bridgeland, Pilot House Bldg Unit 404 Clear Lake, $110,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Trustee, Helen B Brelsford Irrevocable Trust, Joseph S Brock Irrevocable Trust to Sturgeon Farms LLS, Carrington's First Subdivision Lot 1 14-95-20 NW SW, SW SW Parct A in Part as Desc in Survey B02 P12434, $1,075,000.

Major Erickson Funeral Home Inc to Major Erickson Real Estate LLC, Felt's Paul Plat of Mason City Block 30 Lots 2, 3 & 6 Mason City, $584,000.

Steven McDermott, Cynthia McDermott to Kathleen A Thomas, Midland Heights Lot 370 Mason City, $105,500.

David W Beck, Catherine S Beck to Ramarathnam Nagraj Iyengar, Sumathy Nagraj Iyengar, Parker A.T. Place Block 2 Lots 4, 5, 3 W1/2 of Lot 3 Mason City, $65,000.

Charles M Carrier, Emily J Leafstedt to Holly M Hegenbarth, Briarstone Estates 1st Add Block 8 Lot 9 E1/2 Mason City, $115,000.

Keith E Devries Estate, Tonya Devries Morse Coexecutor, Tamara F Devries Coexecutor to Adam W Glowaski, Sarah E Zimmerman, Coe's 2nd Add Lot 4, $200,000.

US Bank to Prairie Flower Holdings LLC, The Highlands Block 8 Lot 15 Mason City, $30,000.

Steven D Weitzel to Trevor C Ginapp, Sara J Ginapp, Bel Air 2nd Add Block 14 Lot 9 Mason City, $83,000.

Iowa B&B Investments LLC to Trak Properties II LLC, Tuttle's M.&E.A. 2nd Add Block 28 Lot 7-8 NEly 32' of Lot 6 Clear Lake, $369,000.

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