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Douglas J Gillard to Russell J Hardy, Railroad Add MC Block 37 Lot 20, Mason City, $45,000

Janice E Rogers to Brian L Campbell, Merrilee L Campbell, Parker's 6th Add Block 5 Lot 2, Mason City, $49,900. 

Nancy E Peterson, Davild L Wilkie to Kelly C Roth, Michele L Meyer Roth, Nelson's NJ Add Block 1 Lot 1, $80,000. 

Arlene C Schmitt, Joyce M Bieth, Daniel V Schmitt to Kenneth R Nielsen, Sandra K Nielsen, West Side Add, Block 2, Lot 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, $178,000. 

Katie A Navratil to Robby J Koppen, Randall's Gilbert S. 1st Add, Lot 2, $92,000. 

Douglas L Krabbe, Jane D Krabbe to Julie A Sindlinger, Mark W Singlinger, Harborage Condominium, Bldg F-3 Unit 29A, Clear Lake, $134,000. 

Earl L Opheim, Shirley M Opheim to Leah R Nelson, Hillcrest Add Block 3 Lot 13, Mason City, $117,500. 

Judy A Hart to John M Morrow, Carla M Morrow, Lindon's J.G. Add Block 2 Lot 4, Clear Lake, $124,500. 

Kevin E Jacobson, Randy L Jacobson, Andrea D Jacobson to Kevin J Dirksen, Dawn C Dirksen, 1132 N. Illinois storage condominium, Bldg Unit 15, Mason City, $52,000. 

Max G Christie, Candace O Christie to Zachary M Buseman, Kenneth D Hanson, Meservey Block 9 Lot 1, $6,500. 

Kenneth R Nielsen, Sandra K Nielsen to Ryan M Gossweiler, Katie A Navratil, Rockwell Block 13 Lot 6, 7, $142,000. 

Collin Klemp to Lacey A Walker, Tonani N Reinheimer, 2-96-20 Sub. of NW 1/4 Lot 7, $142,000. 

Hanig Construction Inc., Jared M Locke to Jamie R Rolland, Stone Pillar 18th Subdivision Lot 6, Mason City, $360,000. 

Oakdale Investments LLC to Raymond L Woods, Deborah L Woods, A&N Storage and Condos Bldg Unit 2401-F, Clear Lake, $83,000. 

Ryan P Gribben to Thomas L Peterson, Grand View Block 9 Lot 7, Mason City, $110,000. 

Michael W Fischer, Debra L Fischer, Timothy S Fischer, Catherine Fischer to Patrick T White, Darla K White, 31-94-22 SE NE, $65,000. 

Jenn M Tolentino, Christina M Tolentino to Forrest R Ellis, Sona L Ellis, Lake Devco Add Lot 1, Clear Lake, $116,000. 

Prairie Place on 1st Inc. to Jannie D Jarshaw, Barbara A Jarshaw, Prairie Place on 1st Bldg Unit 301, Mason City, $215,000. 

Minnie Kuhlers, Donna Mae Olson, Larry L Olson, Leroy Elmer Kuhlers, Virginia E Kuhlers, Allan Ray Kuhlers, Janice F Kuhlers, Cheryl Marine Lukehart, Gregory A Lukehart to Vicki L Lorenenzen, Co Ne Developers 1st Sub Lot 1, Rockwell, $114,000. 

First United Methodist Church Rockford Iowa to Daniel L Pulus, Candida E Pulis, Clear Lake Methodist Camp Lot 87, $86,000. 

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