MASON CITY — Buddy Holly died 53 years ago, but his legacy lives on — especially on eBay.

More than 3,500 items pop up when you search for Buddy Holly on eBay, with more than 500 of them listed as auction items.

“I’ll give him a little more credit than other artists of the ’50s,” said Nate Niceswanger, owner of Zzz Records, Des Moines. “His legacy has lasted longer than most artists from that era.”

The eBay memorabilia ranges from records to concert programs to clothing he wore to iconic black-rimmed glasses.

All of it is listed for anywhere from less than $1 to more than $12,000.

One seller is asking $12,500 for a handwritten quiz Holly took while in high school in Texas while another is asking nearly $8,000 for a tweed jacket and trousers worn by Holly.

Several 1957 and 1958 tour/concert programs and vintage T-shirts with Holly on them are listed for more than $500.

Holly’s records are also hot items and make up most of his memorabilia on eBay.

One seller is asking $1,500 for Holly’s 1958 self-titled record which has never been opened. Another is asking $400 for the same record which has been opened.

Holly’s “That’ll Be the Day” record is listed anywhere from $49 to $1,000.

While some of his records are listed for hundreds of dollars, Niceswanger said they may not actually be worth that much.

“You can list something for anything you want,” he said. Whether someone actually bids on it is another thing. However,  he did note one of Holly’s albums sold for $560.

“The trick though is not only finding something original but in good condition, too,” Niceswanger said.

“That’s why you can see some of his records on eBay go for hundreds of dollars while something in kind of average condition or a reissue will sell for much less,” he said. “It’s a pretty wide range of values.”

So before you snatch up some Buddy Holly memorabilia, such as Holly’s “The Chirping Crickets” LP for $350, keep in mind when it was issued and the condition it’s in.

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Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys continue to honor  Buddy Holly and other music pioneers. They’ll bring their music to the Winter Dance Party on Friday.