Stephen King

Stephen King

Yesterday, Aug. 14, Rep. Steve King made national headlines after making his latest controversial statement at an event in Urbandale, implying that rapes and incest helped populate the world. He was defending an abortion ban at the time. At an event in Rockwell later that day, King didn't back down from his comments.

Angered Twitter users were quick to let Steve King know how they felt about his words, undoubtedly sharing some strong ones of their own.

However, some messages didn't make it to the correct receiver.

Bestselling author Stephen King has received plenty of enraged tweets meant instead for Rep. Steve King. So many that he had to clarify in a tweet of his own: 

This isn't the first time that the "It" and "The Shining" writer has been mistaken for King following controversial commentary. Last year, when Rep. Steve King made his infamous remarks about white supremacy and white nationalism with the New York Times, author Stephen King tweeted:

Will this be the last mix-up, or only the latest? Only time will tell.

Since this article was published, Rep. Steve King has sent another controversial tweet; this one, posted on Nov. 14, had suggested Alex Soros, son of George Soros, was the Trump impeachment whistleblower. 

Two tweets: Rep. Steve King shares photos of supposed whistleblower

No word yet on whether the writer is getting flak meant for Rep. King this time around.

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