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ALDEN – Authorities said an Alden man is behind fires that caused more than $2.5 million in damage to farm properties.

According to court records, investigators have also tied Cody Lee Greenawalt, 34, to eight break-ins in recent months.

Greenawalt was arrested for:

• Ongoing criminal conduct.

• Second-degree arson, two counts. 

• Third-degree burglary, five counts. 

• Second-degree theft, two counts. 

• Criminal mischief, five counts. 

• Fifth-degree theft, one count. 

He is currently in the Hardin County Jail.

Hardin County sheriff’s deputies allege Greenawalt entered a hog facility at 16909 180th St. in Alden on Aug. 26 and used matches to light a fire inside one of the buildings.

He then tossed the remaining matches in the fire and left, driving down G Avenue until coming to 19631 220th St. where he smoked meth and then lit a stack of corn stalk bales on fire, according to court records.

Investigators estimated fire damages at $2.562 million, records state.

During the investigation into fires and burglaries in the area, deputies searched Greenawalt’s storage unit in Alden and found several items that had been reported stolen, court record state.

Burglaries and thefts Greenawalt has been connected to, according to court records, include:

• Life jackets, fishing poles and other fishing equipment were stolen from a shed at 12040 M Ave. on Aug. 11. Two tackle boxes with the resident’s name were found in Greenawalt’s storage unit, records state.

• More than $4,000 worth of tools was taken from construction trailers on a job site at 25031 150th St. on Aug. 12. Greenawalt allegedly took the tools, traded some of them and threw others in a river, court records state. Some of the tools were found his storage unit.

• A lock was ground off a utility building at the Seaboard Foods hog facility at 17498 140th St., Alden, on Aug. 22. A .25-caliber bolt gun was stolen, and it was later found at the storage unit.

• A bolt gun and aluminum panels were taken from the office area of hog facility at 15091 180th St., Alden, on Aug. 26. The panels were later found in the storage unit.

• A tool box and a .25-caliber bolt gun were taken from an office area at 20826 230th St., Hubbard, on Sept. 1. The bolt gun was later found in the storage unit.

• A wheelbarrow was stolen from a building at 10748 S Ave., Ackley, on Sept. 16.

• Two generators were stolen from Vision Electric at a location in Franklin County. One of the generators was found with Greenawalt, records state.

Greenawalt was also arrested for allegedly stealing a tree stand and steel ladder from a tree in Iowa Falls in September. The items were found in the back of his truck, records state.


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