Now that the harvest season is over and winter months are upon us, many of us look forward to the snow that comes with the cold winter months. While some hate the cold and snow, my friends and I couldn’t be happier when we wake up to fresh snow. Our group of friends has gotten bigger over the years, and so have our snowmobiles. Because bigger is always better.

Snowmobiling has always been one of my favorite things to do. Ever since I can remember, my friends and I have always had the same interest. Even though riding snowmobile can be very dangerous, my buddies and I hop on them every chance we get. Our group has had its fair share of injuries and wrecks. Last winter I ended up taking a friend to the hospital and found out he had a broken wrist. As a group we all hope that that is the worst thing that happens to our group of friends.

This winter I hope I get the chance to go out to South Dakota for a week with a group of people and stay in a lodge for a week. My friends and I are very happy when we see the temperature drop and snow in the forecast.

I am very thankful for the group of friends I have and that we all share the same interest. Whatever the conditions are we always find a way to have fun and make the most of it. Many of us have bought new snowmobiles for the upcoming winter and are very excited for when the snow falls.