We have been blessed so far this year in that we have not had severe winter weather to travel in. As the holidays approach, our roadways will get busier with holiday travelers. This is not the time to try and make up time by driving above the posted speed limit, drive while you are tired or simple try and extend your driving time with coffee or energy drinks.

Everyone at the sheriff's office wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, but in order for that to happen you must first arrive at your destination. If you encounter snow or ice covered roadways, use common sense and slow down. A posted speed limit of 55 does not mean you can drive that speed regardless of road conditions. If you would cause an accident while travelling to fast for conditions you could receive a citation, and this certainly would not make for a memorable holiday season.

Another tip is important to law enforcement is if you encounter bad roads and you would go into the ditch, stay with your vehicle. You also need to know your location so a deputy can get to you. If you are travelling with the aid of a GPS, you can scroll to a page that will give you your GPS coordinates or the nearest intersection. If you can provide this information to the dispatch center a deputy will come to your aid.

The bottom line with holiday travel is to use common sense, slow down when conditions deteriorate and always know where on your route you are. This will help you avoid any problems while driving and in the event you do have difficulty, help is only a phone call away.