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Crossed Thoughts 1

This coming Saturday, Feb. 25, is a holiday which is meant to put us in a possible uncomfortable position — the day is National “Inconvenience Yourself” Day.

The day was conceived after organizers observed many people were not thinking about how their actions affect other people.

As I have mentioned in previous columns, this type of behavior is getting out of control, in my opinion.

People live with the expectations of instant gratification and instant results.

When they don’t get those immediate results, they get angry or upset because they believe someone is trying to be an inconvenience to them.

The day is as simple as it sounds — be an inconvenience to yourself.

It is a day for others to acknowledge their appreciation for acquaintances or strangers and to promote a respectful attitude.

Acknowledgement can be verbal, a note or some small token of appreciation.

We can all celebrate by simply opening the door for someone, giving up your seat to someone older than you, in general, make a small sacrifice.

In the end, it is a time to reflect on what others need and how we can help.

It can make a difference despite it being an inconvenience.

I believe the ultimate goal is to make this type of positive behavior a regular part of our daily lives.

For me, anytime I can be positive, it makes my life and those around me a better place to be.

Doesn't that sound like a great idea? Give it a try. Inconvenience yourself - it just may be worth it.

Jim Cross, Editor, Mitchell County Press-News


Regional Editor

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