First things first - football has officially come to an end for another year. (Yeah! or Boo!)

Did your team win the big game on Sunday? Or did you even notice with the distractions of the “over the top” commercials costing $5 million for 30 seconds?

How about that 30 second "technical glitch"?

In my opinion, it was a game that actually got and kept my attention to the very end of the game.

For me personally, I thought the halftime show wasn't too bad. I was expecting other artists to appear, but that wasn't the case.

Despite her denial, I thought we would have even seen a brief appearance from Janet Jackson, no such luck!


For the love of snow. Is there such a thing? I think our love for the white stuff has come and gone.

A big thanks to all of our emergency workers and police officers for being there to help us this winter. Also, a big thank-you to everyone who have listened and stayed off the roads when directed by local law enforcement. 

I guess we need to love the snow because, according to the groundhog, we will possibly be seeing more of it in the next six weeks. Boo!


And finally, or maybe it should have been first, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

Hopefully there will be more love and less snow in the air on Valentine's Day. Maybe you can do something special with or for your sweetheart on Wednesday.

Actually, we shouldn’t be waiting until Valentine’s Day to show the love we have for that one special person in our lives. How about expressing our love and appreciation to all those people who mean something special to us all year long. Or maybe when they need a little extra pick-me-up.

Love should not just be expressed once a year, on one specific day.

I had better stop, I’m starting to sound like one of those old Hallmark cards!