DES MOINES — The Iowa Department of Education and the Iowa State Patrol have published a two-page flyer offering some tips to remember when it comes to school bus safety.

During National School Bus Safety Week, Oct. 17-21, students and parents are reminded to remember school bus safety with the theme “Bully Free Zone!”

The following are some reminders for both parents and students.


Be sure your child is aware of the 10-15 foot area immediately around the school bus, known as “The Danger Zone.” It’s especially dangerous around the front of the bus and the rear wheels, and in the driver’s blind spots.


Stop and look both ways before crossing any street.

Getting on or off the bus, do not cross the street until the bus driver signals it is okay to cross.

Always cross in front of the bus far enough ahead to be seen by the driver.

Never cross behind the bus or run behind the bus.

Do not run, push or shove when waiting at the bus stop, and always arrive a few minutes early.

Wait until the bus driver brings the bus to a complete stop before attempting to get on the bus.

Never pick up anything dropped near the bus; tell the bus driver and follow their directions.

Never crawl under a bus.