OSAGE | The Osage Education Association and Services Association, during special sessions on Jan. 22, presented initial 2018-19 contract proposals to the Osage Community Schools Board of Education.

The education association requested a three year contract with a $545 increase or three percent, each year, for the base salary and supplemental base pay salary.

For the 2018-19 school year, the base pay salary would increase to $36,480 and $34,084 for the supplemental pay.

The support association requested a 30 cent increase per hour for all qualifying employees and a $300 increase for bus drivers. 

This is approximately a three percent increase. 

Both associations also requested the formation of a labor management committee.

The purpose of the committee would be to collaboratively discuss and make decisions regarding employment matters not referred in the master contract.

The Osage School Board has until Monday, Feb. 5 to submit a counter-proposal to both associations.