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OSAGE | At the Wednesday, Sept. 20 meeting of the Osage City Council, council members heard from Kati Henry, Director of the Osage Chamber of Commerce, in regards to a business plan being formulated by her board.

“We hope to have our plan finished by the end of the year,” Henry said.

She spoke of the need for a place visitors could get information on Osage and surrounding area.

“It says a lot that we are a town that can sustain three hotels,” Henry said. “The chamber wants a welcome center and chamber office, it’s really important to have a focal point that can be visited on the way through town.”

Council members and Henry also discussed providing quarterly updates on progress and projects at the chamber, rather than annually. 

In other council news:

Council members unanimously approved $30,000 to establish a maintenance fund at the Cedar River Complex, with the intention of reviewing the allocation after one year. 

Staff said they need ceiling-mounted projectors and LED lighting, to address the needs of those who rent the facility. The Osage Municipal Utilities will offer a 30 percent rebate for the lighting. 

The center also said it needs a permanent bar and security cameras. Since it is constantly booked, staff said they would plan updates around bookings. 

It was also mentioned workout center equipment was original and would eventually need to be replaced.

“I think they are responsible for some of the tax money in the hotel/motel fund, through the weekend rentals that they have hosted,” Osage Mayor Steve Cooper said. “They bring people into Osage.”


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