OSAGE | Debbie’s Quilt Shop and Retreat is now open and ready for those who are looking for a sewing, crafting, scrapbooking, or any sort of getaway.

Located at 601 Main St. in downtown Osage, the retreat center includes two bedrooms, one with two twin beds and one with five, as well as a queen-sized hide-a-bed, the newly renovated space at Debbie’s offers retreaters an opportunity to escape distractions and come together with friends both, new and old.

The space also includes two spacious bathrooms with walk in showers, for handicap accessibility along with a full kitchen, complete with coffee maker, crock pots, waffle makers, pots, pans and utensils.

“It’s all ready to go,” said Debbie May, owner. “People can bring their own food and cook it here, or they can go out to eat, or order in.”

The idea for the retreat space, which is filled with long tables and cushy office chairs, a table with irons and even a washer and dryer, was inspired by the quilt shop.

“I tried to buy the building years ago before it was a video store,” May. “This has been in the works for a while now.”

The space is designed for day or weekend retreats, depending on individual preferences.

“They can come stay all week or for two weeks, we don’t care,” May said. “It’s perfect for people who have a love of sewing and would want to sew with friends.”

While the upstairs classrooms at Debbie’s Quilt Shop will continue to be used for instruction, the new retreat space will also be used for classes, if it is not being rented for a retreat. The idea is to keep the upstairs classes, so she would have the potential to do two classes at the same time May said.

“It’s user-friendly on the ground floor. You can walk right into the store and get more fabric if you need it,” she said. “Once in here, you really don’t have to leave.”

While the space is perfect for sewing and quilting, May wanted people to know the retreat space is open for rental by others, as well.

“We don’t want to keep it just to quilting,” May said. “We’ll rent to scrapbookers, crafters, writers; we’ve even had people ask about using it for family reunions and holiday gatherings.”

Bright and open, the space has terrific lighting, and May has plans to add sewing machines, available for rental, for those who would be coming from long distances and might find it difficult to bring such a bulky, heavy piece of equipment with them, especially on a flight.

While there have been four different bookings made so far, stretching out to May, not every weekend is booked and the space is available for day usage as well.

“We want it to be affordable and make our money in the quilt shop,” May said. “The store would be available almost 24/7. My cell phone number will be here, and I only live a couple blocks away, if people needed anything.

“Sometimes, some of us are here sewing late into the night, as well, and might even stay working overnight, if the retreat space is in use.”