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OSAGE | Mitchell County employers could have the opportunity to recruit hurricane victims. 

County economic director Jennifer Andrade shared the opportunities for recruitment during the Tuesday, Sept. 26, meeting of the Mitchell County Board of Supervisors. 

Andrade said recruits could meet with people in devastated areas and speak with them about job opportunities in the county. Recruiters would also discuss what it's like to live in Iowa, in regards to the rural setting, weather, schools and social opportunities. 

“This is a great opportunity to assist families,” Andrade said. 

She said she'd like to talk with area employers to learn about their needs and how to fill them. 

One possible obstacle is a lack of housing in Mitchell County, especially rental properties. 

A current promotion is a marketing video that would show photos of the area and what the county has to offer. Andrade plans to offer drone footage for an aerial view of the rural setting, which would be uploaded on a new website. 

“We’re looking for a good fit with the companies and those who would be comfortable with a lot more of a rural lifestyle," Andrade said. 

Andrade said her next step will be organizing a meeting with county employers who are looking to expand or need employees for current operations, as well as county realtors. 

“We need to get a clearer idea of what is available and how many people we can go ahead and look to recruit," Andrade said. "We need to put numbers together and see how many we can handle.”


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