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OSAGE | Just 10 days after his Osage High School commencement on May 20, Justin Marcy will leave for basic training for the Minnesota National Guard.

Marcy, who played football, rugby, ran track and took part in Iowa Big North, and is a life guard at the Cedar River Complex, enlisted on Jan. 3.

“The driving force behind going into the National Guard is that it will pay for college, which isn’t getting any cheaper.” Marcy said. “Not to mention, I can get a lot out of it. I think it will make me a more mature person, not that I’m not already, but, there is a lot to gain.”

After basic training, Marcy plans to attend Alexandria Technical and Community College in Alexandria, Minnesota. There, he plans to enroll in their two-year criminal justice program, before transferring to a four-year college to finish his criminal justice degree. In addition to working on finishing his senior year at Osage, Marcy is currently attending EMT classes through North Iowa Area Community College.

“I chose law enforcement because my dad was a cop and two of my uncles are cops. One works with the canine up in Grand Rapids,” Marcy said. “Wanting to help the greater good of the community is something my family has done. My mom was an EMT, my grandpa was an EMT, my grandma is a dispatcher, my aunt works at the jail, my step mom is an EMT. When you grow up in this kind of family, it’s hard to get away from.”

Despite the busy schedule, Marcy has maintained a spot on the B honor roll. He enjoys spending his summers outside, engaged in various activities. He also values time spent lifting weights or hanging out with a close group of friends, whom he has lunch with every Friday morning at Lucy’s Lunchbox.

“It’s important to have friends in high school,” Marcy said. “Adults tend to think high school core classes are difficult senior year, but if you just do the work and get it done, it’s fine.”

After visiting Hawkeye community College, Marcy decided the Waterloo area didn’t feel right to him, so, he visited Alexandria, where his father knew some people. On campus, he was able to meet a professor, and found the area there was beautiful and there were plenty of lakes around.

“I fish, but I’m not good at it,” Marcy said.

“My decision to join the Minnesota National guard was because I will be attending college in Minnesota, so it didn’t make sense to drive back to Iowa every month when it’s four-and-a-half hours away.”

While he is not entirely certain what he wants to do with a criminal justice degree, Marcy did say he desires to work for the state patrol, eventually working for the federal government.

“For the first few years in the National Guard, I want to do combat infantry, and then maybe switch to combat medic, special ops, or intelligence,” Marcy said. “It’s an honor to be able to serve for my country and my family.”


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