Michael Henson, or Mr. Henson to us students, is not a well known name in our community yet. “Mr. Who?” is a typical answer you might get from the people of our town. He is new to our society and school. He has a positive attitude, a good handshake and is a happy face in the hall. Yes, he does sound like a great businessman, but to us here at OHS he is a great teacher, Athletic Director, DECA sponsor, and coach. He teaches Personal Finance, Human Relations and Microsoft Pro (computer class).

Mr. Henson is a former Clinton County resident and attended Dewitt High School. Being 15 minutes from the Quad-Cities, his high school rival was Maquoketa. After graduating from Dewitt, Henson’s college selection was University of Northern Iowa. There, he double majored in accounting and secondary education. He also roomed with Robert Meier at UNI, former Osage Director of Curriculum and Technology Integration Coordinator.

Henson and his family moved to Osage this August and were greeted by the Green Devils head on, as students who helped them move in and were in the house before Henson’s own kids. He and his wife have two daughters and a son. Henson’s youngest daughter, Meaghan, is a freshman here at Osage High. His oldest two kids attend/attended Northern Iowa. His son even followed in Henson’s footsteps; he currently is teaching and coaching at Denver Community Schools.

Some might say, “So, what does an Athletic Director do with their day? Don’t they have, like, four prep periods?” Yes, they do actually, but in those four periods, he has a lot of things to do. Such as making sure that the gym is set up for the evening contests, the field is set up for both high school and middle school events, and that the officials’ room for the volleyball game is ready for action. His day may start at 7am and may run as late as 11. When the football game ends at 10, he has to be the last to leave.

I asked him what he liked about Osage when he got the job offer, and he stated, “I was very impressed with the town, school, and administration. The people are respectful.”

Mr. Henson’s got into teaching because of his relationship with an english teacher from high school and his aunt. They positivly influenced him, and he wanted to do the same for kids as well. His favorite thing about teaching in a new district/school is with everything being new, it has been a transition but did state that things were going well and the kids have been very good to him. “They (students) have been very interested in their learnings, and it really does give me energy,” he later said. With that being said he hopes to positivly impact kids. With the direction he is going, he will be there in no time.