RICEVILLE | Democrats in Mitchell County’s Third District, which includes the towns of McIntire, Riceville, Stacyville and New Haven, have nominated Rita Dvorak, from Riceville, as their Party’s candidate in the upcoming special election, being held in April, for Third District Supervisor.

The election was prompted following the recent appointment of Amanda Adams to replace Shannon Paulus, who had served as Third District Supervisor, after Paulus was appointed to the position of county treasurer.

A petition was filed with the county auditor's office requesting a special election be held to fill the vacancy rather than it be filled by appointment.

Dvorak, a life-long Iowan, has lived in both Mitchell and Howard County, attending the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls as an adult student, where she studied computer science and management. She currently works for Olmstead County in Rochester, Minnesota, in the field of information technology.

“It has always been important to me to live here, in a place that I love, even though it’s meant considerable work-related travel,” Dvorak said. “Assignments I’ve had and various projects I’ve worked on have taught me how to work productively with people from all different perspectives and backgrounds. My career has been great training for me to be an effective county supervisor.”