I hate to wait. There … I’ve said it. I know I’m not alone, so I am just putting it out there on record for the world to see.

Too much of my life is spent waiting. Waiting in a doctor or dentist’s office, waiting to hear news about a loved one and their ongoing or even sudden health situation, waiting for 4-5 minutes to let tea steep to perfection, waiting to hear if the job is ours… Oh, these are but a few of the “waits” of everyday life.

Michelle Sprout Murray

Michelle Sprout Murray

How about the host at a restaurant telling you that they are on a “one hour wait?” Do you stay or do you leave? If that restaurant is busy, surely the nearby restaurants will have similar waiting times. Or will they?

How about waiting for what seems like a lifetime in the outer office at the doctor…only to wait more once you’ve made it into the “inner sanctum?” What do you do? Do you pick up a magazine touched by a plethora of other sick people? Do you scroll mindlessly on your cell phone, hoping to find something so interesting that you’ll forget why you are at the doctor’s office in the first place? Or do you begin to read the posters in the office, finding out you may be in the morbidly obese weight range when you initially felt pretty good about yourself that day?

How about waiting to find out if you indeed rocked that job interview? The days sometimes stretch out into weeks. After you have researched the housing market in that new city (because you are SURE that you will get the job offer), a week goes by and you have a feeling of dread in your stomach because you’re still waiting to hear something … ANYTHING … and you go back to the drawing board, searching for other “perfect” jobs.

How about waiting for an important day? Once one holiday is over, you focus on the next, not even allowing time to savor what just occurred in your life. You rip down the decorations (sometimes even before that next holiday) because you are so sick of waiting and you’re already on to the next shiny bright thing.

You’re like a kid waiting for a favorite cousin to visit, watching the door and asking parents “how many more minutes” for the hundredth time. After the initial hug fest and hours of playing together, the kid comes up to you and wonders when the cousin is leaving. (Note to all of my nieces and nephews…this is just a “for instance.” My boys never wanted you to leave. In fact, they begged to go with home with you.)

We always want what we can’t have. Sometimes what we want is right in front of us, but we’re too busy waiting for something else that we don’t discover that until it’s indeed too late.

What are YOU waiting for? I’m waiting to fit back into the jeans I thought were my fat jeans a decade ago. I’m waiting for the day when my columns are read around the country instead of around a part of our state. I’m waiting for the time I can buy a cabin by a lake AND have time to enjoy it. I’m waiting for more time and money to travel the world as I used to. I’m waiting for my newly discovered extra heartbeats to stop annoying me so much.

I used to wait until my kids were older … and now they are.

I used to wait until it was the “right time” for so many things…and discovered there is no “right time.”

I used to wait until I was “more settled, had more time, felt better, had more energy, had more time, had more money…” and now I am sick and tired of waiting. Don’t wait. There is a “no wait” sign for you right in front of your eyes. Choose to see it now.

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Michelle Sprout Murray is a freelance writer who lives in Mason City with her family. She may be reached at sproutmurray@gmail.com.


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