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    Turning to the internet to shop for groceries has turned from trend to typical. One study found that more than 70% of consumers made an online grocery purchase within a three-month period of 2022, and more than half have increased their online shopping in the last year.

      This twist on the classic sandwich has all the sweet-and-savory flavors you crave in a sloppy Joe, but by swapping in some bulgur for half of the ground beef you cut some saturated fat and get an extra gram of fiber in each serving (the whole-wheat bun and veggies add 6g more). Serve these healthy sloppy Joes with a side of napkins — you’ll need ’em!

        Pandan — a tropical plant with long, spear-like leaves — infuses this light and fluffy cake with its distinctive herbal flavor, jasmine-like aroma, and light green color. This variation of the chiffon cake is popular in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, where pandan is plentiful and found in many desserts and drinks.

          Beef broth is one of the key ingredients in beef stews, pot roasts, and a variety of comforting beef dishes. Although there are many good-quality beef broths available to buy at the store, there is nothing quite like making your own and adapting the flavors and seasonings to your own taste or what you’ll be using it for. It is also delicious and comforting to drink a hot cup of bone broth during the colder winter months — especially if you’re feeling under the weather.


          Certain foods are inextricably linked with game day parties: chicken wings, nachos, chili, guacamole … and salsa. And while you can always pop open a jar, homemade salsa is extremely simple to make. The only skill it requires is a willingness to chop, mince and dice.

          Pasta is one of the world’s most popular foods: It’s versatile, convenient and satisfying. However, it’s a little-known fact that each shape and style is best suited to specific types of Italian cuisine.

          Wine pairing is a delicate process of combining food dishes with the perfect wine to help elevate the dining experience. Here are some food and wine pairing guidelines that will have you wine-matching like a sommelier before you know it.

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