Pederson, who last worked as city manager in Paducah, Kentucky from 2010-17, helped bring a $20 million, 124-room hotel to the city's downtown waterfront. It opened in July 2017.

He said he has lived in north central Iowa in the past, and thinks he is well-prepared for any challenges Mason City throws at him.

His past experience with hotel development should help with the River City Renaissance Project is he were picked, he added.

"I was fortunate to come into a time when development agreement and multiple partners involved and I was able to get it done," Pederson said about the Paducah hotel. "I was able to make the commitment based upon the development incentives."

The Kentucky New Era reported in November 2017 that he was asked to resign from his position as city manager in Puducah. He finished there last month.

When asked about his resignation, Pederson said the city simply wanted to move in a different direction.

"I would simply that the city manager’s job is political," he said, later adding: "I want to tell people it’s not that my management style has changed, but it’s the outlook of the majority conducting body."

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