The task of the Hobo Committee for Britt includes helping to preserve hobo history and hobo life and education on the public as well as providing a good time to visitors at the Aug. 10-13 Hobo Days and National Hobo Convention.

Committee members said they believe the committee has been doing well at that for the past several years.

“At the end of year we always look at it so see what more we can have,” committee member Beth Gretillat said. “We do put pressure on ourselves to keep it going, to keep improving.”

“We have a good group of dedicated volunteers and that helps. Plus, we have a supportive community,” committee member Amy Boekelman said.

Boekelman said the annual event is a collaborative effort between the committee, hobo community and others who get involved. “All of us work together...,” Boekelman said.

One example of the success is the vendor participants.

“We have many return vendors and now, we have people calling who haven’t come before,” Boekelman said.

While it’s work for the committee, members do enjoy it.

“It’s always a lot of fun,” committee member and Britt Mayor Ryan Arndorfer said. “I look forward to it every year.”

The community takes pride in its ties to the hobo lifestyle.

“I love Hobo Days,” said Chad Luecht, a committee member and city council member. “We’re nationally known and not many towns can say they are nationally known.”

Committee members welcome visitors to Britt for the annual National Hobo Convention and Hobo Days this year.

The committee encourages visitors to stop at the Hobo Jungle to talk with hobos, listen to some music and enjoy the atmosphere.

This year’s Hobo Days also features a carnival in the downtown, toilet bowl races, music and other entertainment throughout the festival.

Visitors are also invited to visit the Hobo Museum and the hobo cemetery at Evergreen Cemetery to learn more about the hobo way of life.