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Do you ever wonder, in the words of the well-known song, “What am I living for?”

In this love song by Fred Jay and Art Harris, the answer is “I’m living for you, Baby. Nobody else will do!”

Well, we know how that often works out!

Instead, let us go to the Lord of Life, Jesus, and ask Him the same question. In John 10:10 Jesus gives us His own personal ‘mission statement’: “I have come in order that you might have life – life in all its fullness.”

There it is!

In Jesus, we are enabled not just to exist, not just to survive. In Jesus we receive the gift of abundant life! Abundant life has been described as a new quality of life that begins now and lasts for all eternity.

In Jesus, we are set free from the old life of sin and destruction and we are ushered into a new life; a full, fulfilling and meaningful life here and now, and into the assurance of eternal life in that special place in His Father’s house that Jesus has already prepared for us.

What am I living for?

Jesus assures us that through faith in Him, we can have “real and eternal life - more and better life than you’ve ever dreamed of!” (John 10:10 – The Msg.)

For me, the most inspiring example of abundant life in Christ is that of Joni Erickson Tada. A diving accident in 1967 left Joni, then 17, a quadriplegic in a wheelchair. Through her faith in Christ Joni found a new and truly abundant life. Not in any way an easy life, she learned to write, to paint, to sing, to share her faith and she established “Joni and Friends”, a ministry for disabled people and their families through radio, TV and speaking engagements. Joni has touched countless lives at home and in her travels to over 47 countries. She has written over 50 books and has received many awards and degrees.

This year Joni celebrated 50 years of living well in a wheelchair. Joni is, in every way, a remarkable testimony to God’s saving and sustaining grace, and a remarkable example of abundant life in Christ!

How about you?

May I encourage you to find and receive ‘life’; life abundant and life eternal, by putting your faith in Jesus, the one who assures us that He has come “that you might have life in all its fullness."


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