Coffee with the Governor

On Tuesday morning I joined Governor Kim Reynolds in her weekly event to talk about Iowa’s latest issues and legislation. We discussed the state of Medicaid, education, and bills in the House and Senate currently. Governor Reynolds also signed SF512 into legislation following our passing of water quality last week, which was done at 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday, January 31st in the Governor’s Formal Office.

Committee Bills


I was assigned by the Education chair, Walt Rogers, to be the chair of the HF221 subcommittee. This bill regards transportation and making appropriations available for schools with a large radius of student transportation. My goal is to help the schools in my district and all of Iowa pay for transportation so that they have more money for paying educators, etc. as the money would be in the general fund. This bill passed out of subcommittee on Thursday, February 1st. This will not be the end of the transportation discussion though, as I want to make sure that education is a priority for our state.


HSB571 was a subcommittee that stemmed from the Natural Resources committee. The bill proposed will administer penalties if a facility, business, or operation does not recycle materials that could otherwise be considered waste. This bill was passed out of subcommittee on Wednesday, and will be brought back to the committee for a vote.


HSB562 was a subcommittee within the Education committee. I was assigned to work on this bill by the chair of Education and worked with Representative Moore and Representative Brown-Powers. This bill allows for educators to renew their initial license after the first two years of teaching to the last day of their birth month. Educators believe that this will save educators from expiring licenses and paying an extra twenty-five dollars to renew a license for a short period of time. Our meeting was very successful and we signed this to go back into the Education committee for a vote.