Winnebago County Emergency Management, Communications and the Sheriff’s Office are asking for the public’s assistance in providing residents the best services possible. Some residences and businesses in Winnebago County are lacking any identifying numbers to assist response agencies in locating the caller’s address in an emergency. The proper identification of your building is one of the best ways for law enforcement, fire departments and emergency medical services to locate you during an emergency situation.

These agencies are asking each resident and business owner to check their property and verify that their assigned number is present and able to be seen from the street. If there are no numbers displayed on your building it is recommended that you purchase and affix numbers on the portion of the residence or building that faces the street. The numbers should be durable, clearly legible, contrasting color to the background they will be affixed to and not less than five inches in height.

The public’s safety is very important to us. We encourage all residents to help your local emergency response agencies in finding you as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency.

Anyone with questions may call Emergency Management or the Sheriff’s Office at either (641)585-2828 or toll free at (800)473-2228.