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FOREST CITY | Winnebago County Sheriff Dave Peterson claims it was illegal for two members of the County Board of Supervisors to attend a Lake Mills City Council meeting last week.

"I had no idea you guys were going up there (on Sept. 18)," he said during Tuesday's supervisors meeting. "I think it was an illegal meeting. I think what you guys did was entirely wrong and you had no business going up there."

However, Peterson said he doesn't plan to pursue the issue.

Supervisors Bill Jensvold and Mike Stensrud attended the Lake Mills meeting to discuss inmates being turned away from the new Winnebago County Jail.

The city council meeting agenda stated they would be there but the county did not post its own notice of the meeting even though two of the three supervisors were present.

Jensvold said if someone has concerns and wants him to attend a meeting, it's in his nature to go. 

Peterson said he was not invited to the meeting. Jensvold said he wished Peterson had been there.

Stensrud said the meeting was for informational purposes only, and he and Jensvold merely stated their opinions.

"That's discussion," Peterson said.

Jensvold disagreed, stating he and Stensrud did not talk to each other about what they were going to say.

"You were there speaking on my behalf," Peterson said.

Stensrud told Peterson that all he said was the supervisors had no control over the issues being discussed at the meeting.

Jensvold said he just repeated some things that Peterson told him. Peterson said he appreciates that.

Jensvold also said he told those at the Lake Mills meeting that he didn't see any intent on Peterson's part to "make life miserable for other people. It's just the way it is right now (at the jail)."


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