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FCHS Top of Iowa Speech Contest

The following Forest City High School students, pictured from left to right starting in the front row, participated in the Top of Iowa Speech Contest Dec. 2 in Lake Mills: Devin Alamsya, Emalee Warren, Isabel Buffington, Brady Anderson, Kennedy Baker, Brice Golwitzer, Brandon Leber, Michael Olson, Vicky Chen, Anna Lehmann, Kaitlyn Chen, Alexandria Brahm, Heather Kite, Lillian Ruiter, Ivy Olson, Skylar Hall, Madeline Sarasio Meyer, Greta Oulman, Brianna Carlson, Ellie Reece, Kyra Boeckholt, Drake Bang, Riley Helgeson, Taylor Tendall, Meggie Kleveland, Olivia Sarasio Meyer, Elsa Yeager, Micaiah Krutsinger, Josie Edel, Natalie Jefson, Alyssa Buffington, Madison Kleveland, Hailey O'Toole, Sarah Hovinga, Makayla Vogt, Abby Wirtjes, Lyndee Jones, Sophia Kudej, Olivia Gayther, Crisia Doroteo, Carter Jenkins, Dereck Garcia, Levi Wood and Matthew Rossmiller.

FOREST CITY | Forest City High School placed first in the Top of Iowa Speech Contest on Dec. 2 in Lake Mills.

Other schools that competed were Eagle Grove, Garner, Lake Mills, Newman Catholic, North Butler, Northwood- Kensett, Osage, Rockford, St. Ansgar and West Hancock.

Forest City students participated in the following categories:

Prose: Skylar Hall, Crisa Doroteo, Josie Edel, Alyssa Buffington, Ellie Reece, Abby Wirtjes, Laura Buffington, Makayla Vogt, Madison Kleveland, Rachel Vogt, Alexandria Brahm, Christana Archer, Michael Olson and Heather Kite.

Storytelling: Taylor Tendall, Kyra Boeckholt, Andrew Olson, Sophia Kudej, Cora Hauser, Alyssa Buffington, Olivia Sarasio Meyer, Madison Kleveland, Ivy Olson, Rachel Vogt and Alexandria Brahm.

Acting: Kyra Boeckholt, Andrew Olson, Isabel Buffington, Jasmine Sanasinh, Christy Mettry, Katie Chen and Heather Kite.

Lit Program: Lyndee Jones and Gabe Staudt.

Reviewing: Elsa Yeager, Olivia Sarasio Meyer, Makayla Vogt and Katie Chen.

Public Address: Josie Edel, Madeline Sarasio Meyer, Lyndee Jones, Cora Hauser, Meggie Kleveland and Jessa Loges.

After Dinner: Mitch Friesenborg, Madeline Sarasio Meyer, Anna Lehmann, Hailey O’Toole, Shaden Tweeten, Alexandria Brahm and Olivia Gayther.

Expository Address: Matt Rossmiller.

Poetry: Natalie Jefson, Ellie Reece, Vicky Chen, Jasmine Sanasinh, Olivia Gibbs, Taylor Tendall, Matt Rossmiller, Crisia Doroteo and Michael Olson.

Improv: Levi Wood, Sophia Kudej, Micaiah Krusinger, Skylar Hall and Brice Golwitzer.

Solo Musical Theatre: Sarah Hovinga, Ellie Reece, Micaiah Krusinger, Meggie Kleveland and Olivia Gayther.

Original Oratory: Natalie Jefson and Brianna Carlson.

Radio News: Levi Wood, Riley Helgeson, Derek Garcia, Drake Band, Shaden Tweeten and Ivy Olson.

The following Forest City students were finalists in their categories: 

Group Improv: Second place (tie), Carter Jenkins, Greta Oulman, Levi Wood, Brianna Carlson, Skylar Hall, Sophia Kudej, Derek Garcia and Hailey O’Toole; Fourth place, Trey Blaser, Thone Golwitzer and Mitchell Friesenborg.

Musical Theater: First place, Sarah Hovinga; second place, Meggie Kleveland.

Literary Program: Fifth place, Lyndee Jones.

Storytelling: First place, Madison Kleveland; fifth place, Olivia Sarasio Meyer. 

Review: First place, Elsa Yeager; third place, Olivia Sarasio Meyer; fourth place, Kaitlyn Chen; fifth place, Makayla Vogt.

Acting: First place, Isabel Buffington; second place (tie),  Christy Mettry and Kyra Boeckholt; third place, Kaitlyn Chen.

Public Address: First place, Josie Edel; second place,  Meggie Kleveland; third place, Madeline Sarasio Meyer; fourth place, Jessa Loges.

Solo Improv: First place, Skylar Hall; second place, Micaiah Krutsinger; fifth place, Brice Gowitzer.

Poetry: First place, Natalie Jefson; fifth place (tie), Ellie Reece and Matt Rossmiller.

Original Oratory: First place, Natalie Jefson.

Prose: Third place, Madison Kleveland; fourth place, Josie Edel; fifth place (tie), Alyssa Buffington and Ellie Reece. 

Radio: First place, Shaden Tweeten; second place, Drake Bang; fifth place, Riley Helgeson.

After Dinner: First place, Madeline Sarasio Meyer; second place, Anna Lehmann; third place (tie), Shaden Tweeten and Mitchell Friesenborg; fifth place, Hailey O’Toole.

Expository Address: Second place, Matthew Rossmiller.

Forest City Speech Club coaches are Scott Bertelsen, Josh Sparrgrove, Dan May, Ian Bartelt and Lynnea Fredrickson.

The next speech event for Forest City is the District Large Group Contest on Jan. 20 at Waldorf University.


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