It's not terribly often Iowa makes an appearance on the big screen, but at the same time, it happens more often than you might think. Here are six major movies that have used Iowa as a shooting location.

1. Field of Dreams

One of the most notoriously Iowa-based films, much of "Field of Dreams" was shot in Dubuque County. Among other honors, it was a nominee for three Oscars after its release: Best Picture, Best Writing, Best Music.

2. Children of the Corn


While the legendary horror film takes place in Nebraska, much of the movie was actually shot in Iowa. Sioux City, Salix and Hornick were all filming locations.

The 2009 remake was shot in Iowa as well.

3. Twister

"Twister" was a massively successful box office hit in 1996. It's remembered for the iconic scene in which a cow is swept up by a cyclone.

While the tornadoes in "Twister" are courtesy of CGI, there is a farm used in scenes that was destroyed by a real tornado shortly before they filmed there.

"Twister" also holds an interesting place in history: it happens to be the first movie commercially released on DVD. Several locations in Iowa were filmed for the movie, including Eldora, Boone and Ames.

4. The Crazies

"The Crazies" (2010) was partially filmed in Lennox, Iowa, located in the southwest portion of the state, and takes place in a fictional Iowa town called Ogden Marsh. The 1973 film, however, which this is a remake of, was filmed in Pennsylvania rather than Iowa.

5. Starman

Among the filming locations of sci-fi romance "Starman" (1984), which took place all over the country, was Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

6. The Straight Story

Probably one of the most obscure Disney movies, "The Straight Story" is a film by David Lynch in which the main character rides a lawnmower from Laurens, Iowa, to Mount Zion, Wisconsin. It's based on a journey that Alvin Straight actually made by lawnmower in 1994.

The West Bend Grotto is among the Iowa locations that make an appearance in the film.

Unfortunately, no, it's not available on Disney+.

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