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The can't-miss 2019 calendar for 2020 candidates

Here's a calendar of the top deadlines, forums, chili cook-offs and steak fries to watch over the next year: Read more

Juneteenth: Freedom's promise is still denied to thousands of blacks unable to make bail

June 19 marks Juneteenth, a celebration of the de facto end of slavery in the United States. Read more

Kids’ mental health tech tools for suicide help, coping skills, and professional support

Growing up has never lacked challenges, but it seems today’s kids are having an especially rough time. Research varies, but the number of kids with anxiety and depression is at an all-time high. Though the links among social media, tech use, and mental health issues aren’t entirely clear, we do know that kids who are already struggling often come away from social media feeling worse than they did before they scrolled through their feeds. Read more

Animal affection 101: Which creatures kiss, and other ways they show care

Whether it's running as a pack, nuzzles from mother, or an intertwining of bodies, animals show affection in a variety of ways. Let's take … Read more

Today's Birthdays, June 16: Phil Mickelson

Today is Sunday, June 16. Read more

Today In History, June 16: Donald Trump

Today is Sunday, June 16. Read more