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Riceville girls basketball captains

Aby Adams and Julia Klaes are this year's captains for Riceville High School girls basketball team.

RICEVILLE | Riceville High School girls basketball team co-captains, Aby Adams and Julia Klaes, are in their final year of playing high school basketball.

They have played together since fourth grade and hope to use that experience to help their teammates accomplish goals for the season, which include finishing the season with a .500 record. 

Having played varsity basketball for four years, the two credit their time in basketball with teaching them valuable lessons, among those being versatility and teamwork.

“We know we need to work on utilizing lots of communication,” Adams said, “as well as working on getting our free throw success rate up to 70 percent and committing less than 20 turnovers a game and just being tough on defense.”

Both seniors said they are focused on their upcoming games, including the one against Janesville, who they consider their toughest opponent. 

“We don’t really have individual goals for the season,” Adams said. “We are focusing a lot on our roles and purpose on the team and what the team needs.

“We play everywhere, every position, the whole team is pretty versatile," she said. "We play whatever position we are needed to play.”

Off the court, the seniors and their teammates have adopted a never-give-up, positive, confident attitude. 

“It’s okay to make mistakes,” Klaes said. “Look forward, not backward. Enjoy your time playing, work hard, do a lot of off season work, and when you make a mistake, don’t hold it against yourself. Keep going, your time in high school goes by fast so enjoy it and know that the little things you do makes a difference so being a good teammate and role model is how we go about motivating the other girls.”

The two said they motivate their teammates by staying positive even when things aren’t going right by keeping communication open on the court. 

“Everyone makes mistakes,” Klaes said, “and it’s important to tell someone what they did wrong in a nice way. Yelling doesn’t help anyone.”

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