On Aug. 25, approximately 193 runners/walkers, representing 89 zipcodes and 14 states, descended on Mitchell County for the second annual Main2Main Marathon, sponsored by the Cedar River Complex.

The event included three levels of races; full marathon, half marathon and 10K. The full marathon runners traveled from Main Street in Osage through Mitchell to Main Street in St. Ansgar and return on the same route.

The first place marathon runner finished at a time of 2 hours, 57 minutes and 29 seconds. 

Many area businesses and organizations donated money, equipment and supplies for Main2Main. 

The following are the top results from each of the races.


Men - first, Seth Hershey, 36:31.07; second, Riley Witt, 37:09.54; third, Ryan Wagne, 40:10.76; fourth, Connor Bjornsen, 41:34.01; fifth, Braden Powers, 43:35.01; sixth, Eric Miller, 48:01.26; seventh, Jacob Kruse, 48:43.63; eighth, Darren Adams, 51:19.25; and ninth, Ben Hauge, 51:19.41; and tenth, Reed Kuper 52:27.78

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Women - first, Katelyn Johnston, 49:09.12; second, Randi-Kate Canoy, 52:17.46; third, Erin Baltz, 52:48.44; fourth, Katie Penfold, 52:53.16; fifth, Whitney Wells, 52:55.31; sixth, Keli Onken, 53:46.51; seventh, Julie Hauge, 54:13.66; eighth, Brooke Sprung, 55:39.89; ninth, Brooke Brodermann, 56:45.72; and tenth, Mara Linskey-Deegan, 56:47.30.

1/2 Marathon

Men - first, Torey Stallsmith, 1:13:28.77; second, Jeff Kroll, 1:19:57.82; third, Ron McRae, 1:20:03.89; fourth, Adam Mayer, 1:27:35.92; fifth, John Krebsbach, 1:30:05.72; sixth, Curtis Vais, 1:36:52.77; seventh, Tyler Mannion, 1:38:53.99; eighth, Brian Haeflinger, 1:39:35.73; ninth, Brett Barker, 1:40:02.03; and tenth, Dustin Counsell 1:40:49.67.

Women – first, Michelle Martinek, 1:42:46.06; second, Emily Leland, 1:43:48.38; third, Jeanne McCurnin, 1:48:14.97; fourth, Amanda Reuter, 1:53:03.55; fifth, Katherine Lowry, 1:53:33.03; sixth, Stacy Petree, 1:54:05.86; seventh, Coryn Kluender, 1:55:23.82; eighth, Jennifer Lancaster, 1:55:41.90; ninth, Lauren Schaefer, 1:59:18.21 and tenth, Emily O'Brien, 2:02:41.63.


Men – first, Andrew Hamer, 2:57:29.53; second, Gregory Wilson, 3:25:51.86; third, Shawn Smith, 3:33:36.96; fourth, Josh Berger, 3:39:46.04; fifth, Justin Sprung, 3:42:36.57; sixth, Greg Adams, 3:45:06.38; seventh, Joshua Moon, 3:49:23.47; eighth, Keith Olson, 3:53:59.39; ninth, Tim Mahler, 3:56:39.55; and tenth, Corey Eckels, 3:59:50.87.

Women – first, Jill Marble, 3:41:08.14; second, Vicki Bentley-Condit. 3:48:32.42; third, Elizabeth Swartout, 3:57:12.94; fourth, Shawn Loy 4:12:12.86; fifth, Anna Driscoll, 4:16:55.67; sixth, Emma Figura, 4:25:44.72; seventh, Kiki Harbitz, 4:46:31.39; and eighth, Jess Glass, 5:03:55.44.

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