Jonathan Rogers


OSAGE | Although Jonathan Rogers may be known, in Osage, for being a member of the school’s state quarterfinals football team or for throwing the shot put in the finals of the state track meet, he will soon be known throughout the community in a different way, for being the newest member of the Osage Police Department.

Beginning on April 30, Rogers will begin a sixteen-week training course at the Iowa law enforcement Academy and by mid-August, he will be a fully sworn in officer. Rogers will be under a four-year contract, the first two of which will be spent as a probationary period.

Rogers is a 2010 graduate of Osage High School and a four-year Navy veteran, who served in the VQ-1 command as an Aviation Mechanic. He spent his time in the military fixing reconnaissance planes, specifically, the EP-3 Aries.

“It was really cool to be part of that,” Rogers said, “To have a hand in making the mission successful.”

During his time away, Rogers lived on Whidbey Island, Island Country in Washington State, where he remained for an additional year after completing his time in the military.

“My grandpa and uncle were both Navy,” Rogers said. “They said it was a great place to grow up and mature, and it was.”

Prior to enlisting, Rogers tried out college and spent some time pursuing a liberal arts degree, but the Navy was his passion, and ultimately, he joined up. After moving back to Iowa from Washington, the former shot putter and football player, lived in Cedar Rapids and began working on a criminology degree, a degree he intends to pursue through online classes.

“When I saw the Osage position open, I jumped to apply,” said Rogers, who still has family in the area, including sister, Jessica Smith, wife of Cole Smith. The couple currently lives in Little Cedar.

“It was a way to come home and be part of the community,” Rogers said. “I want to give back to the community which gave a lot to me. I want to be the best officer I can be for my community. I’m always looking to improve, be better and help the community the best way I can.”

Upon completion of the academy, Rogers fully intends to complete his criminology degree. While he will be the first one in his family to pursue a career in law enforcement, Rogers comes to the position with a great deal of excitement and aspirations.

“I’m training every day to be physically fit,” Rogers said. “I’m going to the CRC a lot, and I’m not afraid to talk to anyone. I’m always open and have a welcome sense of mind. I’ve very excited to work for the Osage PD and happy to be part of a great team.”

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