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Avery Marley

Avery Marley and former President of Nigeria at the World Food Prize.

OSAGE | A senior at Osage High School, Avery Marley, has always loved helping others and looking for ways to get involved. And she recently did just that.

Last week, she attended the World Food Prize, which she has been working on since the 16-17 school year. She spent a lot time researching and getting informed.

The World Food Prize is an award recognizing the achievements of certain people who have advanced human development by improving the quality, quantity, or availability of food in the world.

Marley was involved in the Youth Institute is one part of the World Food Prize.

Mr. Eric Dralle, OHS Physics and Chemistry teacher, selects students who he thinks will excel in doing this, and Marley did.

Participants had to research a country and write a paper.

Dralle asked Marley if she was interested in getting involved, and she wanted to because helping others has always been a goal of hers.

In this paper, she had to select a country and a problematic factor like water scarcity, education, human rights, and others.

Marley picked Yemen and focused on malnutrition.

She did thorough research and attempted to problem solve before she began to write the paper. She decided to focus on how she could potentially solve Yemen’s malnutrition problems.

Her solution was called education model farms. Education model farms provided training and knowledge about raising small livestock, utilizing rain water collectors, and learning overall about how to cook the meat and what proteins and vitamins they need.

An important part of her solution is that it is available for them to adopt and adapt to, but that it is not forced on their culture.

She presented it at the State Youth Institute last April and was selected as a delegate from Iowa to be present at the Global Youth Institute.

Marley’s paper was judged by two professors. Marley says that, “...having an open mind will get you far. It will let you see opportunities you would not have embraced if you were to keep to yourself.”

She met new people and listened to a lot of speakers. Because of her success, Marley can now apply to be a Borlaug-Ruan intern in another country and conduct research.


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