It’s not uncommon for me to get the question “What is the Osage Chamber of Commerce?”

I’ve grown used to this question – many people are unaware of the role of a Chamber and honestly – many Chambers operate very differently.

The Osage Chamber of Commerce works to promote business and tourism in the Osage area. A lot of the work we do is promoting downtown Osage – with that being said, that’s not all we do.

Osage’s downtown is the heart of the community – and it’s been seen in towns and cities across the country – when downtowns die, the rest of the business community feels the impact. People don’t want to live where there isn’t a vibrant business landscape.

Eighty percent of our current members aren’t located on Main Street – however, those members realize our mission is important to their business as well. We host and promote events that their employees want to attend. New employees, who may be relocating here for work, want to have things to do in their community. We are so blessed to have amenities like a vibrant downtown including the Watts Theater, a brewery and a wide range of dining options. We also have great recreational programs for all ages offered through Mitchell County Conservation, the City of Osage and the Cedar River Complex.

We’re grateful to have support of several of our large employers (who aren’t on Main Street) who support our organization through purchasing Chamber Bucks for their employees, which ensures spending dollars stay local. Several sponsor our events throughout the year, which are important in strong communities. Last year alone, we distributed over $10,000 in Osage Chamber Bucks – all which may only be spent at our current member businesses.

In 2017 after I started in this position, we revised our strategic plan and a common theme came up: how do we ensure we are supporting all of our members? We aren’t the Downtown Osage Chamber of Commerce – we aren’t the Main Street Osage Chamber of Commerce – we are the Osage Chamber of Commerce and our interests involve business in and around the Osage area.

That means, if your business joins our Chamber, we’re going to advocate for your business, refer your business to consumers and help provide valued services to your business.

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