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Thank you for allowing me the privilege to express a concern.

Our United States Government has certain rules that must be followed if our government is going to work smoothly or without hate and anger.

The rules to run for Presidency are age 35 or older and a natural born citizen of United States of America. President Trump met those requirements.

As in all elections, the winner rules.

President Obama ruled for his eight years even if I didn't vote for him. I did not and could not express my displeasure my choice did not win the presidential election. Nor did I refuse to acknowledge President Obama was my president.

I was disappointed my choice did not win but I did not fill with hatred, anger and claim loudly that he was not my president and scream Impeach!

Our country is experiencing a new phenomenon of news media publicly promoting anger, hatred and non-acceptance of the outcome of a Presidential Election. We are seeing the result of not playing by the rules - Anger, Hatred and Non-acceptance.

All strong symptoms that could destroy our government as we know it if we don't go back to following the rules.

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