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Dear Editor,

I am an Iowa voter who wants Iowa’s problems solved, not ignored, and, certainly, not made worse. I want the needs of Iowans, their economy, their environment, their education, their health, to be at the forefront of legislative action. I support Tim Knutson for Iowa House District 51 because he wants these things, too. He is willing to work hard for all Iowans to grow the economy, protect the environment, fully fund public schools, and provide health care for all.

Tim is listening to Iowans in Worth, Mitchell, Howard, and Winneshiek Counties. They are telling him about their concerns for Iowa. I know how he listens because he has listened to me. He looks you straight in the eye and when you are finished, he tells you that he shares these concerns. But, more importantly, Tim is already collecting facts and information about the issues we care about. He looks forward to sharing these facts and our concerns with colleagues in the Iowa House to start solving Iowa’s problems.

I want a problem solver to represent me. I hope the rest of residents of HD 51 do, too. The problems Iowa faces are complicated, but resolving to face them doesn’t need to be. Tim Knutson is ready to face the future of Iowa.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca P. Olafsen

Cresco IA 52136

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Regional Editor

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