How often do we feel we aren’t making a difference in the world in which we live?

In terms of my profession, I hope I am able to do that through the stories I report, especially those which call people to make a difference or which show people making a difference.

It’s always a bright moment when you come across those stories.

I have to admit, there are times when I feel like I don’t have time to make a difference in my world, or simply stated, I don’t see the need; it’s someone else’s duty or obligation.

Or, sometimes we find ourselves saying, “There’s nothing that I can do to make a difference.”

I don’t believe either response to be true.

I do believe we think that to make a difference it has to be something big, on a grand scale that costs a lot of money.

Again, that is not true.

Making a difference can be something as simple as reading to the residents at a care facility, helping deliver meals to shut-ins, donating to a local food bank or helping to clean trails or ditches.

There are many, many more possibilities that could take as little as 15-20 minutes to several hours.

This Friday, Oct. 25, has been designated as “Make a Difference Day.”

If you have told yourself you’ve always wanted to do something but didn’t know when to start — this Friday is the day.

Pick something small that you know you can do.

Maybe it’s raking leaves for your next door neighbor or walking their dog.

Who knows, the sky is the limit on ways to make a difference.

Making a difference isn’t necessarily the same as community service.

Sometimes community service is something you may be required or ordered to complete.

It’s not always done with the best intentions or mind-set.

When you make the conscious decision to do it on your own, you hopefully complete the task feeling good about yourself rather than grumbling and watching the clock “to get it done as fast as possible.”

Making a difference is a trait we need to instill into our children.

Many schools are encouraging students to complete community service.

Unfortunately, I have seen the true spirit of this get lost and turned into an obligation to be completed and not being done out of a true desire to make a difference in the community.

I guess it’s a place to start.

Still, go out and make a difference.


It’s hard to believe the fall sports season is coming to an end. It looks like we could have some exciting post-season action taking place in several of our area schools.

Be certain to get out and support your local teams as they head into the post-season.


Continue to keep your eyes on the road as you are traveling. Harvest isn’t over yet. We will still have many large pieces of machinery on the road for a few more weeks.

As it continues to get darker sooner in the evening, we will need to pay even closer attention to the machinery as well as our favorite locals — the deer.

Before we know it, we won’t be able to see the road because the snow will be flying!

Remember it’s only nine weeks until Christmas!

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