First, let’s address the long days.

When we're having a good day, the day seems to just "fly by." We get things accomplished on our "to do" list, and all is "right with the world." It doesn't seem long at all.

However, that's not always the case every day. We are going through this thing called life.

Sometimes life brings us the long days and we have no choice but to deal with what is at hand and look forward to another day.

It's hard to believe it was a year ago I was in the middle of a two-week trip to eastern Africa. 

It was interesting to be reminded what having a long day or a good day means when you travel to developing countries such as Kenya. 

For some, wondering where you next meal will come from is all you can think about. For some, it's wondering where your next job is going to be or when will you ever be able to get a job.

Which brings up bad days.

No one likes to have a bad day.

Unfortunately, we all have them.

Sometimes, it seems like there are more bad days happening than good ones.

In those moments of having a bad day, the feeling of loneliness can creep into your life.

Put yourself in the place of those I just mentioned about. Wouldn't you think they would see their lives as a series of long, bad days?

However, that wasn't the case. They were happy for what they had, albeit not much, they still were grateful for the little.

How often are we not happy with just the little? It seems we are focused on the more, not the less.

I have to say that trip helped me to realize, once again, I need to be thankful for what I have been given and not to worry about what I haven't been given.

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There is a need for me to be content.

That brings up the good days.

Inside each of us is the ability to make everyday a good day.

How is that possible when my life is not the best?

I bet you looked hard into your life, you will find something that can bring a smile to your face.

Or, if you look hard, you can stop and realize you are truly better off than you realize.

How often do most of us go two to three days with no food? How many of us still live with no running water in our homes, with no indoor toilets? How many of us still live with no electricity? How many of us still get around by only walking?

I would venture to guess, from those reading this column, very few a living in the conditions mentioned.

After living with a Kenyan farming family, where I have experienced some of those very items, I have to stop and ask myself, "Do I have the right to say I am having a bad day, when the bad day could simply be a series of events, which I had complete control over?"

Have I learned to be truly content in what I have been given? Unfortunately, the country in which we live puts in a place of never being content with what we have.

We have been trained to believe there is always a need for more. Not true.

Regardless of what you want to call it, the point remains.

The next time you are having a good day, bad day or even a long day, remember, it truly is all about perspective.

Stop and remember, there are people who have live with less, in less than ideal conditions, living happier than some of us, who have the more, than the less.

Can we learn to truly be content?

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