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Ernst manufactures 'war against meat': Letter

Ernst manufactures 'war against meat': Letter

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In the April 28, 2021 issue of the Globe Gazette, Senator Ernst claimed she would “stand up for Iowa in war against meat”, claiming to fight the liberal Left.

Senator Joni Ernst has no policy suggestions to address climate change, so she has manufactured a “war against meat” in response to scientific studies suggesting beef production contributes a significant amount of methane gas, a growing contributor to global warming. Scientific facts aren’t liberal or conservative. They are just facts. What Senator Ernst is waging is a war on facts.

In the 1950’s when scientists suggested smoking contributed to lung cancer, those scientists were ignored or attacked because the tobacco industry was too important to the economy. Those attacks didn’t change the fact the fact that smoking cigarettes was harmful to humans.

I did some research after reading Sen. Ernst’s editorial. Neither the Farm Bureau, universities, or government research suggested that methane produced by cattle wasn’t a problem. There were differences in how much of a problem it was, but no one disputed the facts. Instead, I found many suggestions on how to address the problem. Yes, one suggestion was to eat less meat, but that wasn’t the only suggestion. There is research in changing cattle’s diet, changing farming practices, even changing the genetics of cattle.

My doctor suggested I eat less red meat because of its connection to heart disease and high cholesterol. Will Senator Ernst’s next campaign be against medical research into heart disease because doctors are suggesting there is a connection to eating read meat and heart disease?

It appears to me the Senator Ernst is more interested in partisan politics than in looking at facts and finding solutions. I expect more from my Senator than partisan bickering.

Penney Morse



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