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Dear Osage Patrons:

With recent media coverage of the social media and texting threats in the Johnston and Algona schools, we first wanted to communicate we have received no threats in our district.

We want to share a couple important things. Please read carefully.

First, the single most important thing you can do to keep our schools safe is to immediately report unusual or threatening messages, comments you have heard or received regarding the safety of students or the school in general. It is clear that school safety is best when students report things they have heard that are unusual, threatening, uncomfortable or out of the ordinary. We encourage our students to immediately report these types of messages. These should be reported to any school employee or law enforcement. Immediately reporting threatening information is the single most important thing we can do to help keep our schools and students safe.


What to do if a student or parent receives a threatening text message?

a. Do not reply. This is very important. Law enforcement and tech experts are stating do not engage in a conversation

b. Do not delete the message

c. Immediately contact law enforcement and the school

Safety in our schools will always be a priority. Please talk to your children regarding the importance of reporting information. Any information parents hear should immediately be reported to law enforcement or the school district.

Secondly, the Osage Schools continues to work with local law enforcement regarding these types of situations to assure safety in our schools. Should Osage have a threat made toward safety in our schools, charges will be filed to the fullest extent to any student or adult responsible for the threat. This single act would be life-changing for any student or adult.

Let’s work TOGETHER to keep our schools a safe and caring place for our students and staff. The safety and well-being of students and staff are paramount. We encourage anyone with information to contact the school or law enforcement.


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