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Kati Henry


Osage may be a small town, but we are so lucky to be a very vibrant town.

I’ve heard countless stories of people who are retiring and want to move here, families relocating here for work, the list goes on and on.

I get calls in my office typically a few times a week for visitors looking for places to stay here in Osage, relocation guides, and more about our town to plan their upcoming visit.

We’re not a “tourist town” and I’m glad we’re not, but we do get people who desire to come stay here and explore what Osage has to offer.

There’s been many times I’ve driven along Main Street and see license plates from all over the United States. I know a lot of these are probably due to business travelers, but I have to think that there are people stopping in our community and staying here.

Just last week, I heard a couple talking outside of my office near the welcome center. I offered my help to find what they were looking for or to offer recommendations.

As we chatted about the store they were looking for, I asked where they were from. Lincoln, Nebraska. They were on their way towards McGregor and stopped in our town after hearing about a shop they wanted to check out. Besides that, they then stopped at another shop where they purchased some other items.

These are the people we want to visit our town and part of my focus is going to be increasing our awareness as a great place to visit.

When these people come to town, it’s also up to all of us to make sure they want to return by making a lasting impression.

This goes beyond just a smile and hello – let’s be genuine when we ask how they are doing and if they are enjoying their trip to Osage. A smile can go a long way, but people will remember how they are treated when they leave our community and head back home.


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